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  1. pruss

    Suspicious of Retrohaling...

    I taste for a living. Everything that goes into your mouth, or near enough to it, that has enough volatiles to create an aroma will enhance a tasting experience. Without the sensory receptors in your retro nasal chamber you would rely on taste buds on your tongue for discernment: essentially...
  2. pruss

    Can Anyone Help to Identify This Dunhill?

    Not all mineral oil is food grade, please make sure you have the right product before applying anything to your pipe.
  3. pruss

    HU 100g Can Storage Viability?

    As we’ve been seeing in another thread, there are lots of different best practices around long-term storage of tobacco. I tend to move everything I’m planning to cellar into mason jars. I just trust them more than I trust tins. YMMV — pruss
  4. pruss

    Pipe Shapes. Bulldog or Rhodesian?

    Leave it to Mr. Cooke to muddy the waters further...
  5. pruss

    I Love Flakes. I Also Hate Them.

    I am still committed to cube cutting flakes, although I do rub out coins. Regardless of prep method, I do lay my tobacco out in a wood plate for a bit before loading the bowl to help dry it out. — pruss
  6. pruss

    Pipe Shapes. Bulldog or Rhodesian?

    Nice, mate. We all gotta start somewhere. Learning to buff the stem and shank together is a game changer.
  7. pruss

    Best Estate Pipe Find

    Lovely pipe, mate. That’s going to clean up beautifully!
  8. pruss

    Pipe Shapes. Bulldog or Rhodesian?

    I dunno, someone did a good job rounding those lines with a buffing wheel.
  9. pruss

    Why Own Small Pipes?

    My group ones: 4 Dot Fishtail Sasieni, birth year Shell, Blatter Select mini-warden and Butz Choquin mini-warden (which was my Grandmother’s Pipe). Tin for reference.
  10. pruss

    Hello Identifying My Pipe

    Hey mate. Only half the image loads and I can’t read the hallmarks. Can you post more/better images? — pruss
  11. pruss

    Tight stem

    I subscribe to all the options above that don’t involve removing material. Let it rest after travel. Prime the tenon with ivory soap or beeswax. Smoke it. If it is dry, and room temperature and still jammed, freeze it for ten minutes and then try to remove the stem. If the issue is chronic...
  12. pruss

    Colors In Pipes

    Colourful pipes do exist in the market, and have for a long time. They aren’t the mainstay, but one doesn’t have to look too far to find them. Look at the variation in colours of the Brylon pipes of the 70s (The Pipe, et al); and all the different colours of Falcons that were and are...
  13. pruss

    Colors In Pipes

    That’s my favourite pipe that Peck owns. He brings it out for special parades. — pruss
  14. pruss

    Is Jarring a One-Time Thing?

    You do realize that asking for a longitudinal survey of tin purchases on a hobbyist forum is a bit of a stretch right? At best you’re going to get anecdotal feedback which will or won’t be supported by others. Having heard that feedback you get to choose what you want to do with it...
  15. pruss

    Is Jarring a One-Time Thing?

    Cigars do not undergo anaerobic fermentation in a humidor. Tobacco undergoes anaerobic fermentation in a sealed jar or tin. Also, I’m trying real hard not to engage in the “It’s never plume” argument. 😂
  16. pruss

    Is Jarring a One-Time Thing?

    Sacred? I think that depends on the individual. But if you open a sealed jar, you are exposing the tobacco inside to air/oxygen again; meaning that the tobacco will stale a little more before it moves again from aerobic to anaerobic fermentation. This doesn’t mean that the tobacco will be bad...
  17. pruss

    Buffing Wheel Mishap - Barling

    Sage advice. Also, wear a leather apron... or some other chest protection.
  18. pruss

    Buffing Wheel Mishap - Barling

    Give it time. Those high rpm grinders are unforgiving bastards. If you haven’t yet, consider switching down to 4” wheels to get a lower sfpm. — pruss
  19. pruss


    As a guy who has smoked more than my fair share of tobacco in Brigham pipes I would highly recommend using their rock maple filters.
  20. pruss

    Why Own Small Pipes?

    I love old Group 1 sized Britwood pipes for flake. I have a handful of small billiards, Canadians and Dublins which are my preferred pipes for a single Va flake. As mentioned above, it’s surprising how long a flake will go in a pipe of this size.