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  1. jmatt

    Blatter & Blatter from Quebec - How to Purchase?

    I'm interested in finding some of Blatter & Blatter's Danish Slices (a Virginia flake) to try. Does anyone know, do they only sell themselves, or is it available anyhwere else? Do they sell online? Over the phone? Or do I need to drive there someday? (A 10 hour drive, but I've never been to...
  2. jmatt

    Where Did The Search Function Sticky Go?

    No - not the "search" function at the top, right side of the page. The sticky with a link to a search function that actually worked well because the built in search function doesn't work well. Perhaps this has already been discussed, but the Catch-22 is that I can't search for a previous thread...
  3. jmatt

    Your Favorite Dirty Sock Flavored Tobacco?

    We've been through all the main flavors. I'm going with Royal Yuck on this one.
  4. jmatt

    Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug is hitting shelves again

    For those who like Virginia flakes, F&T's Cut Virginia Plug (CVP) is showing up on shelves again after being out of stock almost everywhere since last July. I bought 20 tins last week from They're out now, but 4noggins has 25 tins as I write this. I'd expect all of the other...
  5. jmatt

    I Smoked My Grandmother's Bathroom Floormat

    I'm not exactly a newbie. My records at suggest I've smoked 58 different blends in the last two years. I'm mostly a red virginia flake guy, but I've tried a little of everything. From plug and twist, to shag and loose, and from aromatics to Orientals and English. But I've...
  6. jmatt

    When to Smoke Your Last Tin of a Christmas Cheer Vintage?

    McClelland Christmas Cheer. For recent years I have many tins, and will likely smoke one tin a year until its gone. But for older vintages I've only got one tin each. When would you smoke that final tin? I've got 2005, 2006 and 2007 as my oldest tins. Smoke them at ten years of age...
  7. jmatt

    Chacom Branded Tobacco?

    I stopped in a B&M today, and on the counter they had three varieties of "Chacom" brand tobacco. I didn't buy any, but it appears to be more tobacco aimed at beating the August 8 deadline. The tins looked like C&D or McClelland tins, so I'm guessing one of those two actually did the...
  8. jmatt

    Tapping Into the Cellar: What to Open Next

    I've been concentrating on finishing opened blends. But now I'm ready to open a new tin or two. My favorite tobaccos are generally virginias (red in particular) and VaPers. Here's what I have on hand generally in those genres that I've not yet even tried. What should I try next? Samuel...
  9. jmatt

    Where art thou Christmas Cheer?

    Did any Christmas Cheer 2016/2017 actually hit the market? Time is almost up, and while I heard it was going to be released, I sure haven't seen it anywhere.
  10. jmatt

    Perfect PAD/TAD

    Sometimes it all just works. Anytime I'm travelling I try to find the most prominent local tobacconist and buy a pipe from the trip. Last weekend I moved my son to Houston (note: 897 miles in one day in a U-Haul cube truck with a trailer and a car on it is not the best way to spend a day)...
  11. jmatt

    Blends I've Cellared And Never Yet Tried

    Wow. Apparently I'm a Tad-aholic. I just reviewed my inventory and I'm up to 33 blends in my cellar that I've never even tried. Ugg. No wonder I can never figure out what to smoke next.
  12. jmatt

    You Spin Me Right Round Baby...

    What tobacco blends have ever given you the spins? Made you go green? Or whatever else you might call it when you OD on nicotine? I'm not a nicotine lightweight by any measure, and it almost never happens to me. But this afternoon a single (larger) bowl of Jack Knife Plug had me hunting dark...
  13. jmatt

    Royal Yacht: The Emperor Has No Clothes

    Ordered some tobacco a couple days back and it came in the mail today. As a first for me, I included a pouch of Prince Albert and a pouch of Carter Hall because I've never tried the primary old "codger blends" before. So I smoked a bowl of Prince Albert and thought to myself, "this is kind of...
  14. jmatt

    It Must Be Gone: I Got The Last One

    Got my C&D Carolina Red Flake today and checked the serial numbers. Was surprised to find this one: I think I'll keep this one sealed.....for a long time. I did get some more though, too.
  15. jmatt

    Research Biologist Meets Tobacco Bloom

    Here's how all of this started. I hate Balkan Sobranie. I bought some tins of it and opened the first tin on October 27, 2014. Tried it - and just couldn't enjoy it. Left it sealed in a Ball Mason jar and sold my remaining tins. So tonight, while looking for a tobacco to smoke, I pulled out...
  16. jmatt

    C&D Small Batch #3: Carolina Red Flake

    The third installment of C&D Small Batch is up. It's a 2015 straight red virginia flake. If you look closely, the label has a number of something out of 2,400. So I'm assuming this small batch is significantly larger than the prior two offerings. I'll probably get some tins to cellar because...
  17. jmatt

    The Magic of Layering Tobacco

    Maybe everyone else does this, but I just stumbled on it myself. Rather than mix two or more tobaccos together, I put one tobacco in first, with the other on top. In the past for example, I've mixed some BCA with another tobacco, like a dark fired kentucky blend, or a virginia, etc. This time...
  18. jmatt

    Stephen Downie Firedrop

    A couple of months ago I commissioned a pipe from Stephen Downie in the style he calls a "Firedrop." It's now finished and on the way. I can't wait to smoke this. This is actually on the very tame end of what Stephen does. He's truly an artist and an incredibly skilled woodworker. And he...
  19. jmatt

    Rank the Major Pipe Shows For Me

    I went to the Chicago Pipe Show last month. My first show ever, and loved it. Tried some new tobacco which generated some big sales for the vendors. Bought a Russ Cook pipe I was chasing. Met lots of great people. Great, great experience. I understand that's the biggest show? What other...
  20. jmatt

    FDA Induced TAD

    Placed an order this weekend: GL Pease Sixpence: 4 eight ounce tins GL Pease Union Square: 3 eight ounce tins GL Pease Triple Play: 3 eight ounce tins Cornell & Diehl Opening Night: 2 eight ounce tins Cornell & Diehl Bijou: 15 two ounce tins McClelland Red&Black: 5 50 gram tins...