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  1. jmatt

    This Just Makes Me Sick

    What's the going price? I will DEFINITELY sell at $500 per 8 ounce bag. LOL. Expecting no offers at that price, I will happily smoke it myself. :)
  2. jmatt

    This Just Makes Me Sick

    Thanks - it looks like I haven't posted in seven months. Oops. Life happens, got busy and turned my time elsewhere. Then I got an e-mail saying McClelland was shutting their doors. Well red virginias are the top of my list. I've got no regrets now, having heeded all of the advice and...
  3. jmatt

    This Just Makes Me Sick

    Wow. I'm amazed most of you are American. Supply and demand. Econ 101. Two weeks ago the supply was never-ending. Today it's gone. Price goes up. Don't you buy stocks hoping the price will go up and you'll sell to someone else someday? Good grief people. It's tobacco - arguably a luxury...
  4. jmatt

    "Must Buy" Tobacco Lists

    @toddryan84 For some other aro standards, if 1Q doesn't interest you, Lane's BCA (Black Cavendish Aromatic) is a close 2nd to 1Q. Also, the newer Lane Dark Red is a spectacular aromatic. All three are great, but 1Q really sets the standard and is why I named it on my list. My personal...
  5. jmatt

    GLP Union Square

    I've got a tin open and active right now as well. Not quite as ripe-tasting to me as some of the straight reds out there. I'd describe it as a cross between an Orlik Golden Sliced and a McClelland straight red.
  6. jmatt

    The "Gattaca Age" Has Officially Begun

    This is my son's field, and remember CRISPR CAS9. It'll be a household term soon. We joke that my son is already better at being God than God is. (ducks lightning bolt).
  7. jmatt

    "Must Buy" Tobacco Lists

    If you want the prototypical list, here's what I suggest: Aromatic: Lane 1Q. It goes by hundreds of different names in hundreds of different tobacconists, but everyone has Lane 1Q Red Virginia: McClelland 5100. You can smoke dozens of red Virginias and never be much better than this bulk...
  8. jmatt

    Jim's McClelland 40th Anniversary Review.

    Jim, Can you compare it to the "typical" Christmas Cheer? That is, what makes you say it's unlike any Christmas Cheer? Where do you sense the difference? Thanks as always!
  9. jmatt Gone?

    And a great time to download a backup copy of your cellar. I just did.
  10. jmatt

    McClelland Tawny Flake Date Query.

    Tobaccoreviews lists 32 different McClelland Straight Virginias with at least 10 reviews. Tawny Flake ranked 29 of 32.
  11. jmatt

    Father the Flame at CPCC 2017

    I'm sure there's MANY in the piping community who would love to hear an official response from C&D. It seems like every day someone else is closing up shop. Yet you guys have a new name and new art on old tobacco and have purportedly fit it within the regulations. Why not tell us all? And if...
  12. jmatt

    Father the Flame at CPCC 2017

    New art, new name = new product, released post-August 2016. Apparently they did the substantial equivalence route and already got approval. That, or Sykes is wrong?
  13. jmatt

    Father the Flame at CPCC 2017

    Likely in violation of the FDA regs.
  14. jmatt

    Higher End Savinelli's VS Artisan Pipe Maker

    True high end Savinellis ARE artisan pipes.
  15. jmatt

    Advice on tobaccos that don't need to age

    At least one manufacturer gets annoyed at smokers faffing with his tobacco.
  16. jmatt

    What Is Everyone Drinking Tonight?

    Laphroaig Cairdeas Madera Cask. Neat. As if there was another (acceptable) way.
  17. jmatt

    What's Good About P&C

    This is my first post about P&C since the whole snafu started: I didn't place an order during IPSD, so wasn't out anything and didn't get double-charged, or have an order delayed or any other problems. But I watched the unbelievable failing many of the rest here had to slog through. My account...
  18. jmatt

    Errr...Ummm...Am I missing something here?

    The last bid is a shill. He will magically fail to pay and the seller will offer it to the next highest bidder. And if thatt bidder is smart, they'll run away fast. (at least that's my theory - that does happen)