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  1. trudger

    New Ferndown

    Great find, congrats! I enjoy mine very much. Yours is a beauty for sure.
  2. trudger

    Can I Use Camp Stove Fuel in a Lighter?

    Cheers Mike! Didn’t go as planned = adventure at our house. I thought you guys could get anything at Canadian Tire! 😂🤣
  3. trudger

    Can I Use Camp Stove Fuel in a Lighter?

    The pictures really help Mike, I remember us discussing this last year. With what I can dig up on Canadian 4K models the flat windscreen brace was a later production change. So I would put it between 1955 and 1958-9. The 4K started in production in 1951with a wire brace for the windscreens. Not...
  4. trudger

    Can I Use Camp Stove Fuel in a Lighter?

    I’ve used it without problems. I’m not a chemist but I am a lighter and Coleman collector. If you don’t like the results let it evaporate. MSDS: Coleman fuel is 100% light hydrotreated distillate. Zippo fuel is 70% light hydrotreated distillate 30% hydrotreated light naphtha.
  5. trudger

    Hi from Southeastern Michigan

    Howdy from Bloomfield Township Michigan! Lots of Michiganders on the forum.
  6. trudger

    Dunhill Lighter, Old. Can Anyone Put a Date to it?

    Wonderful piece of family history. It is solid silver.
  7. trudger

    Thanks To The Forum

    Thanks mods! The ignore feature works wonders also.
  8. trudger

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from another Michigander! Lots of us around here!puffy
  9. trudger

    Any Formula 1 Fans?

    Long time fan from the US here. 2020 season begins July 3-5 with the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring with no fans. Current schedule is 12 races.
  10. trudger

    Bees and Davidoff English Mixture

    I would love to have bees but I’m not sure my neighbors would enjoy it as much. We have very active bee clubs here in SE Michigan and I would have gotten involved this year but for the current health crisis. Davidoff Medallions, Escudo, or Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls would be my suggestion on...
  11. trudger

    Awesome Birthday Present From My Wife

    Happy Birthday! I love practical gifts.
  12. trudger

    Self-Isolation Restorations #8 - 1910 Loewe

    Very nice. Silver hallmark date for London puts it at 1910. RD in chamfered rectangle is Richard Victor Dumenil as the mounter/silver worker per this posting TOBACCONISTS, PIPE MAKERS AND MOUNTERS HALLMARKS: R -
  13. trudger

    My Hobby Of Making And Photographing Micromounts.

    Well done. More please.
  14. trudger

    Quentin Tarantino Somewhat Redeemed, In My View

    It was fun to see some of the regular cast get back together again. Really the best use of a flame thrower in cinema. Bruce Dern stealing a scene from Pitt was great. Well trained dog and some other funny bits. I love how Quentin always makes me laugh knowing full well some really dark stuff is...
  15. trudger

    Hey Guys

    Welcome from from the other side....Metro Detroit. I enjoy getting out of the city/burbs and camping also.
  16. trudger

    Tiger King, Who's Seen It?

    I am enjoying this freak show as the weirdness unfolds. What a cast!
  17. trudger

    Bruno's Socialist Codger Experience

    Most excellent review of something terrible. Your descriptive style gives you away as someone I would be willing to hangout with. I am looking forward to the next installment and hoping you survive it.
  18. trudger

    Hello from the Coastal Bend!

    Welcome from the pleasant peninsulas state of Michigan!
  19. trudger

    Glad to be Here

    Welcome from Metro Detroit!
  20. trudger

    What Are You Listening to (March 2020)

    NPR Tiny Desk Concert Bobby and the Wolf Brothers (Jay Lane drums. Don Was on bass) with Mikaela Davis on harp. damn nice