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  1. philip

    More Thoughts on Aging

    I am 60 years old. My car, which I bought new in 1984 is now 30 years old. I've had my car exactly one half of my life! Does that mean I'm getting old? I know my car is. Kevin promised me a new Mercedes if I get to 5000 posts by the end of the year. I don't think I'll make it.
  2. philip

    Pipe Cleaning Tips for Beginners (and Others)

    New pipe smokers often have questions on how to clean a pipe, and there is often confusion on routine cleaning after a smoke and cleaning the bowl. On routine cleaning many like to dip the pipe cleaner in a little alcohol on to run through the stem and shank. Everclear and Bacardi 151 are the...
  3. philip

    Smoke on the Boat

    Usually smoke is the last thing one wants to see on a boat, but I find if I keep the fire confined to a small bowl it's very pleasant, especially after a long day of drifting around. I haven't been able to get on the internet a lot lately. This was my home for most of last week. Happy puffing...
  4. philip

    Don't Tamper With My Collection

    Living as I do, I don't have much room to collect stuff, although you wouldn't know it from looking around. So in keeping with the theme that you can't have too much junk, I have more tampers than a reasonable person should have. I have duplicates of some of these as well. I keep a spare of...
  5. philip

    4noggins Prairie Wind

    I see Cortezattic has a review of this on Luxury Tobacco Reviews. Does anyone else smoke it? I find it is very good. I get a citrus flavor from the tin note. It's probably the coolest smoking Va/Per I have tried so far, and it stays mild right to the end of the dottle. That makes it more...
  6. philip

    Waxing a Figural Meer

    I can see how waxing a classic shape pipe would be a straightforward process. For those of you who have figural meers, how do you apply the wax between all the eagle talons, dragon teeth, fishermen beards, mermaid boobs and feathers?
  7. philip

    At the Boatyard (Warning - Boat Nudity)

    This may break all of the forum rules, but... here's a picture of my girl's bare bottom. :oops: . . . and some cleavage. I really think she should be the next pipe babe (since they don't seem to want me).
  8. philip

    Smoking and Walking

    Smoking for me is usually an activity I do while sitting quietly, either reading a book or pondering life's mysteries. Today I found myself with a four or five mile walk back to the boat. Fortunately I was clever enough to have along my favorite pipe, my favorite tobacco in my favorite pouch...
  9. philip

    A Blue Moon

    August 31, 2012 is the second full moon of the month. That's Blue by some definitions. And I'm sure we'll all find some way to celebrate.
  10. philip

    A Message Re: Aussielass

    Do you remember Di? I'm sure most of the senior members do. I have recently been in contact with her by email. See sends her greetings. She is happily busy with her "fourth & final Chihuahua puppy". If you remember, she smoked not so much for pleasure, but to satisfy a nicotine craving, which...
  11. philip

    Sailing Around the Sound

    Internet connection has been "iffy" at best, but I'm still with you. Here is where I spent the 4th. I had the bay mostly to myself. It was wonderfully quiet. [/img] [/img]
  12. philip

    A Generous Friend

    There is one other pipe smoker here at the marina where I am spending the winter. I have shared with him my frustrations trying to get a pipe from Kirsten's Pipe Co. (Latest word is the they are not currently making pipes, but they are considering restarting production. - I don't know if any...
  13. philip

    Signs of Spring

    While you folks on the East Coast and in the South have been warm lately, here in the Northwest we have been 10-15 degrees cooler than normal(yesterday we only got to a high of 40 degrees), and the rain seems never ending. But there are hopeful signs. A friend took this picture at the marina...
  14. philip

    Taxes Improve the Taste of Tobacco

    I just spent the whole morning filling out tax forms for our beloved government. What a lot of hoops they make us jump through even when we don't make enough money to tax! Anyway when I was finished, I smoked a bowl to reward myself for doing my duty. I have to say, it was one of the best...
  15. philip

    Cornell & Diehl Montford Point Marine

    I had a sample of Cornell & Diehl Montford Point Marine at our Pipe Club meeting last night. The taste was fine. But before the bowl was half finished I has to stop and sit down. It may be the nicotine in the burley. If any of you former cigarette smokers are looking for something with a...
  16. philip

    Missing Macnutz

    I think Macnutz may have left us. This was his last post one week ago in that "Deleted and Banned" thread. He has not been active since. I wonder if he misunderstood something. Too bad, indeed. I was enjoying reading what he had to say about things in his posts.
  17. philip

    Washington State Tobacco Laws

    This is what some of have to deal with... Ban on internet sales. Smoking in public places. Other smoke-free laws. To say the least, it can be a trifle frustrating.
  18. philip

    A Pleasant Book Purchase

    I was talking with Gary Schrier at the last meeting of the Seattle Pipe Club. I told him I was interested in his book and asked him if he would sign it for me if I ordered it over the internet and brought it to the next meeting. He Said, "Sure." I ordered it and it came within just a few days...
  19. philip

    Seattle Evening (All Day)

    A few of you lately have described tobaccos as "all day smokes". I have taken that with a grain of salt. I have not tried many blends yet, but I had not found one that I thought I could smoke all day long. Until now. I have been trying Seattle Evening. The taste starts out very mild and...
  20. philip

    Two New Pipes

    First a Vauen churchwarden. I like the thickness of the wood on the bowl; thicker than most churchwardens I have seen. It came with two stems, but only has one shank, so it's not like having two straws at the soda fountain. :lol: Second a Stanwell Golden Danish 63. This is my first pipe...