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    My Last Two Jack Howell Pipes

    Very, very nice. I especially like the first. I am somewhat surprised you were able to get such nice pipes without Peck around to hold your hand and tell you what to get!;)
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    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2020?***

    MacBaren Golden Extra in a IMP meer straight billiard.
  3. E

    An Old, Interesting Pipe

    More nice work by Jguss!
  4. E

    Bob Gibson, RIP.

    Many years ago during a broadcast of a Dodgers-Cards game, Don Drysdale had Gibson in the booth to chat. Those two warriors went on about how the changes to the game were not something they liked - meaning the pitchers needed to be throwing at the hitters to let them know who was in charge of...
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    Hello from Fresno

    Good intro. A hearty welcome to you!
  6. E

    CupoJoes Article

    Very good. I have not used C of J a lot but every transaction has been good.
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    If You Haven't Tried Chatham Manor, Are You Even A Piper?

    puffy I have smoked it, but I am not a piper. I remain a simple pipe smoker.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    HH Burley Flake in an IMP smooth billiard meerschaum.
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    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster. Hello From The Ghost Coast!

    Welcome, but you can keep the urine samples!
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    James Bond, Game Of Thrones & Avengers Star Diana Rigg Dies Aged 82.

    She was an outstanding actres. And quite a dish in her younger years. Emma Peal, yow ser.
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    Maigret TV Show Pipe Content

    I have watched it and liked it. A different take on Maigret.
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    Sutliff/CORPS Pipe Smokers Gathering at Sutliff Tobacco in Richmond, Virginia!

    Well according to an article today in the NY Times, the tests are greatly overstating things. The "calibration" is reporting as positives very minor levels of infection- levels that aren't contagious, do not require isolation, etc. Virologists seem dismayed that the test was so constructed.
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    Now THIS is interesting: Peterson Has a New Blasting Process

    I think they're groovy!
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    My IMP Meer

    I purchased an IMP meer recently and the draw is fine. In fact, it is very good. May get another soon.
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    7 Days...

    I ordered a pipe from Smokingpipes last Thursday pm. It was delivered in California midday Monday. puffy
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    Condolences On Olivia De Havilland, 104

    I will watch the Adventures of Robin Hood in her memory. Great old movie.
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    Smokingpipes Lost Package

    I have had two misdelivered packages in the past year. When I saw that it was reported as delivered to me I went to the Post Office the next day and the Postmaster was able to track where it was delivered. It was retreived and brought to my house. However, it may be too late for that if some...
  18. E

    Really Bad Names for Tobacco...

    C and D actually have one on the books called Intercourse.