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  1. metalheadycigarguy

    March Meerschaum Madness

    I smoke my meerschaum pipes 80% of the time. With 20 of them in my collection it takes a while to get them all rotated through, but I eventually do. It also takes longer to color them, but I smoke them for the cool dry smoke and natural flavor of the tobacco. If you don't own a meerschaum pipe...
  2. metalheadycigarguy

    Looking For Recommendations On A First Meerschaum

    Meerschaum Market is a great website for a meerschaum pipe. They have a lot of pipes on clearance, pipes under $100, and many pipes at a great price point. They have multiple master carvers listed on their site as well. Altinay and SMS make a great product as well, so you would do fine with one...
  3. metalheadycigarguy

    Possible Bad News For Latakia Lovers

    If Latakia goes away I'm going to be in a world of hurt, because it's my favorite leaf. I love my English and Balkan blends. I'm hoping it sticks around a lot longer, but if not I guess I'll be stocking up on a few blends. More so than I already am.
  4. metalheadycigarguy

    The Worst of Pipe youTube

    I've been a part of the YouTube Pipe Community for 7 years now. It's one thing to read how to pack and light a pipe etc., but it's another thing to watch someone demonstrate it. There are a lot of visual learners out there. Now I will admit that there are plenty of YouTubers that don't do a...
  5. metalheadycigarguy

    Hood Canal by Seattle Pipe Club

    If I'm not mistaken, the Hood Canal is the same blend as the old Pike Place; which was discontinued after it's first run due to copyright issues with the name. From what I can tell the blend went from a course cut to a cake, but the components are the same. I have a couple tins of Pike Place and...
  6. metalheadycigarguy

    Arango Balkan Supreme

    I just got some in the mail from Smoking Pipes. Haven't tried it yet, but it smells really good.
  7. metalheadycigarguy

    How BIG is your cellar?

    I recently re-organized my cellar and re-labeled everything. I currently have 109 tins bringing my total to over 15 pounds of cellared tobacco. I currently have another 65 mason jars that I smoke from making up at least another 5 pounds of tobacco. At the rate I smoke I have enough for 10 years...
  8. metalheadycigarguy


    I snagged a couple 100g tins of Red Rapparee. It's been way to long since I've had any RR.
  9. metalheadycigarguy

    That's a cool idea. I just recently bought some Avery generic 2" round labels for my mason jars, and spent a couple hours re-labeling all my mason jars. This would have been much easier.
  10. metalheadycigarguy

    In Search Of New Meer, Are Andreas Bauer Meerschaum Pipes Expensive?

    Old AB meerschaum pipes (pre 1990 merger) were made in Austria and were one of the top Meerschaum factories, if not the top factory for meerschaum pipes for decades. Which is one of the reasons why Turkey stopped exporting meerschaum in 1970. Since AB's merger their pipes are made in Turkey, and...
  11. metalheadycigarguy

    100 Year Old Pipe Smoker from the UK

    He looks pretty good for being dead for 76 years.
  12. metalheadycigarguy

    Meerschuam pipe color

    If you are wanting to reverse the coloring affect on your meerschaum you can do the following. Wax your meerschaum, which is what some people do to help bring out additional colors; however, get the beeswax really hot (almost boiling), and it will work like a bleaching affect and remove the...
  13. metalheadycigarguy

    The Meer Goes Pop

    I missed the comment where you stated you were inside and not smoking hot. It could have just been a flaw in the meerschaum that developed after the pipe reached a certain temp. If your B&M shop won't accept a return then try contacting the Meerschaum Market. Servi is a owner/operator of the...
  14. metalheadycigarguy

    The Meer Goes Pop

    That should definitely not happen, and either you were smoking it to hot, or its possible it got damaged in shipping and/or was dropped. Were you by chance smoking the pipe outside in really cold temps?
  15. metalheadycigarguy

    Pressed Meerschaum

    Yes, pressed meerschaum pipes will color; however, not very well. It takes a long time. Since the pipes are held together with resin and the natural abilities of the pipe are limited; they won't color well. Now if the pipe is cultured meerschaum the pipe will color and will color like a block...
  16. metalheadycigarguy

    Cheap vs Expensive Meerschaum

    Yes, pressed meerschaum pipes will color. Though they will not color as fast as a block meerschaum pipe. Some people don't have an issue with pressed meerschaum pipes, but I definitely recommend block meerschaum pipes.
  17. metalheadycigarguy

    Unmarked CAOs?

    CAO pipes were carved from excellent quality meerschaum, and will color very well if smoked regularly. From my research on CAO meerschaum pipes; the only pipes that are signed by the carver are Bekler's pipes. CAO had other carvers, but none of the other carvers signed their pipes. I have a CAO...
  18. metalheadycigarguy

    PAD and Christmas

    Beautiful pipe. Enjoy the heck out of it.
  19. metalheadycigarguy

    Maltese Falcon

    I have a feeling that since McClelland disappeared and Dunhill is almost gone; people have been stocking up on their favorite blends in the event of another brand disappearing. As they say... "cellar wide and cellar deep."
  20. metalheadycigarguy

    First Club Meeting

    Very nice. Sounds like a great time.