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  1. briarbuck

    Diego Maradona has Died

  2. briarbuck

    Sutliff Cringle Flake 2020

    Price goes to 15$ per can when you order 10 if that helps. They have Sekura on the menu as well.
  3. briarbuck

    Package Delivery Tax?

  4. briarbuck

    Sutliff Cringle Flake 2020

    Well crap...missed that one.
  5. briarbuck

    Recommendation Similar to La Gloria Cubana

    Davidoff Royalty may fit the bill. I am not a latakia guy so take my recommendation with a pinch of salt. I am smoking through an old can Royalty now and like it quite a bit. I get mainly Virginias and Orientals with a hint of Lat.
  6. briarbuck

    Bangkok Sunset

    My wife has zero interest in a true travel vacation unless it's the EU. She likes to be pampered and not work too hard. lol Me...I would be fine living out of a backpack and eating local. You get treated very differently by the locals if you don't act like the typical American Tourist. Vietnam...
  7. briarbuck

    Rattray's 1990's?

    I've smoked really old HOTW and OG (> 20 years) and it's fa-bu-lous.
  8. briarbuck

    Bangkok Sunset

    Tobacco, sunsets and the sex trade. Sounds like pulp fiction. Never been to the Pacific Rim but plan to go there one day. Would really enjoy absorbing the cultures.
  9. briarbuck

    What’s Going on in The Czech Republic?

    I have 2 guys from Czech in my office now. I will be travelling over there this summer. Will have to remind myself to look up some of these makers in shops in Prague.
  10. briarbuck

    Hello From Vietnam!

    Great picture. Welcome from Ohio USA.
  11. briarbuck

    State Taxes for Online Retailers

    This. It's not a tobacco tax issue. It's ALL internet sales. If you go over 100k or a few thousand transactions, the State you sell in will want their pound of flesh.. It won't stop. I had the State of Wisconsin do a sales audit on me for just attending a conference. They said that being an an...
  12. briarbuck

    Out Of The Ashes of a Dead Wallet......

    Blonde is good stuff and in the rotation.
  13. briarbuck

    Vest Pocket Pipes

    I like it very much. Very handsome. Pocket pipes fit many occasions and would be very useful.
  14. briarbuck

    Hi All Fellow Pipers

    Bienvenue from Ohio USA
  15. briarbuck

    Dual Purpose Tobacco

    I top lip a small piece va flake almost every day. Christmas Cheer is a sweet as some candy. FVF is sweet as well. You can really tell the different sugar levels of various flakes when you actually taste them.
  16. briarbuck

    Friday the 13th

    OMG dude. I am dying here. LOL
  17. briarbuck

    Friday the 13th

    The Omen...
  18. briarbuck

    Friday the 13th

    The only movie that really scared the crap out of me. The Directors cut with her coming down the steps backwards is freaky.
  19. briarbuck

    Smoke A Bowl For Wilson

    I like my dog better than most people. Sorry for your loss.