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  1. seanv

    Improve My Modest Cellar

    How old is the Elizabethan? It's one of favorites and I think it only gets better with age
  2. seanv

    Brigham Pipes

    Do you rinse the filter after use?
  3. seanv

    Brigham Pipes

    Brigham is my favorite brand. You can't go wrong at any price point. The filter is nice and not noticeable at all. It also smokes well without
  4. seanv

    Chemical Burn From Chatham Manor

    I've smoked about 2oz of Chatham Manor now and it's okay. I didn't get any burn but I did dry it out to about 50% of how it arrived. The key to this blend for me is a bit of dry time, a gentle pack and a very slow cadence.
  5. seanv

    Fellow Member Initiates Hand Made Pipes Website

    Awesome to see. I am in Sask and will keep an eye on your website. Great looking pipes.
  6. seanv

    Suggestions for Bulk Crossovers?

    Try lane HGL
  7. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    I'd also be in trouble if Blue came in cans like this
  8. seanv

    Bot For Our Blends!

    It was an exciting time in my young life 😂
  9. seanv

    Bot For Our Blends!

    I used to have the ICQ message sound as my text message alert. It brought back way too many fucked up feelings though haha
  10. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    We are about a decade behind in this province so it's about time we got this cool new technology
  11. seanv

    Bot For Our Blends!

    I remember those days 😄
  12. seanv

    Bot For Our Blends!

    I've used turbotin a few times. You're right, it really takes away an element of the fun
  13. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    It looks fatter in the photo lol
  14. seanv

    No Secret Santa This Year?

    I was also hoping so. If we do it, I'll take part this year.
  15. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    It's just like drinking from a glass
  16. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    This is a beer called Alberta Genuine Draft made by Big Rock Brewing. The beer itself is not very good but the can is very cool.
  17. seanv

    What Cigar Are You Smoking, 2020?

    CAO Gold Maduro. Started off great. The burn was crisp and the flavor was very nice. It didn't end as great. I have one more and I'm hoping for a better smoke
  18. seanv


    I've tried the Kentucky, Burley and Virginia blends. I enjoy all 3 bit especially like the Burley blend of course
  19. seanv

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2020?***

    First smoke in this Brigham 5 dot from somewhere between 1980 and approx 2000 according to Charles Lemon. Charles is the authority on all things Brigham. I am smoking some rubbed out Rattray Wallace Flake. Drinking some coffee and a glass of water while watching the Chiefs vs the Broncos
  20. seanv

    What “Dose” to Keep on Hand to Smoke vs Cellaring.

    That sucks. I came across an old tin of Germain brown flake a while ago. The seal had popped and it was very dry. I rehydrated with a Boveda 72. The flakes came back decently and smell of sweet molasses. I haven't smoked any yet but I will soon.