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  1. cynicismandsugar

    Peterson : No Love for Canadians?

    I have a pre-republic Shamrock Canadian around here somewhere. The Canadian, and it's cousin shapes, are some of my favorites. Peterson does release the shape; but they need a supply of the appropriate briar. Hmm. Now that I think of it, I need some more Peterson Canadians...
  2. cynicismandsugar

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Dracula by Bram Stoker. I'm reading the Books of Blood by Clive Barker aloud to my wife. We'll be reading the Great Secret Show after that.
  3. cynicismandsugar

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I'm also rereading the Damnation Game aloud to my wife.
  4. cynicismandsugar

    Equivilant blends to Frog Morton Cellar?

    Yes, unfortunately Shortcut to Mushrooms has been discontinued; the base tobaccos are no longer available. A new JFH blend called Bombadil replaced it; not a straight match for Shortcut, but an enjoyable English crossover. The Frog Morton series was a unique series, because McClelland was a...
  5. cynicismandsugar

    Jim's Amphora Kentucky Blend Review.

    Thank you for the review, sir. I do love me some Old Dark Fired! I guess I'll need to pick up a pouch.
  6. cynicismandsugar Forum is Just Plain Fun!

    [hangs head in shame]
  7. cynicismandsugar

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
  8. cynicismandsugar

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    The Damnation Game by Clive Barker.
  9. cynicismandsugar

    The Bearded Lady (blended by Just For Him)

    “Who doesn't enjoy a healthy tingle in their pipe?” JUST FOR HIM'S Bearded Lady is a piquant Va/per blend that tweaks the traditional Va’ to 'per ratio. It incorporates a moist ribbon cut of both bright and deeper red Virginias with more than a smattering of perique. The jar aroma is sugared...
  10. cynicismandsugar

    Christmas 2018 Peterson's Are Here!

    There are a 'K&P' and typical three box stamping, but nothing else; no date. 'Peterson Christmas 2018' and the shape number are carved into the underside of the bowl.
  11. cynicismandsugar

    Christmas 2018 Peterson's Are Here!

    I try to pick up a couple of the Peterson Christmas pipes every year, and I really dig this year's (2018) offerings (even more than the 2015 caramel colored acrilycs). The dark-red sandblast, black acrylic stem, and copper military banded mount just sings to me. There's no special markings on...
  12. cynicismandsugar

    How Many Pipes Do You Members Own?

    I have around 75(ish) pipes, not counting the corn cobs I have strategically stashed about. Every three months (or so) I deep clean my current rotation, store them away after they're thoroughly dried, and set out a fresh 15-25 pipes. Of those, I pretty much smoke 10 (or so) to death, until...
  13. cynicismandsugar

    Just for Him's Three Newest Offerings from Their Middle Earth Pipeweed Series

    Thank you, LastTango! I'm a fan, too. For future reference, the blends can be viewed at: Happy puffing! :puffy:
  14. cynicismandsugar

    Just for Him's Three Newest Offerings from Their Middle Earth Pipeweed Series

    Thank you, Techie, sir! There's always that moment of mystery when a new blend is released. It's difficult to decide on taking the plunge until a few reviews finally hit. I'm just tryin' to help (one bowl at a time)! :D
  15. cynicismandsugar

    Just for Him's Three Newest Offerings from Their Middle Earth Pipeweed Series

    JUST FOR HIM has introduced three new tobacco selections into their popular MIDDLE EARTH PIPEWEED SERIES. I've been fortunate to have sampled each, and have recorded my opinions to share. I've decided to start with BOMBADIL, my preferred selection from the blends... “Ah, the warm, pleasant...
  16. cynicismandsugar

    Calling All Lurkers: Speak Right Up

    I lurked, I posted, I lurked again.
  17. cynicismandsugar

    Your Top 5 Tobaccos

    1. Stonehaven 2. Old Dark Fired 3. Irish Flake 4. Best Brown 5. Christmas Cheer
  18. cynicismandsugar

    Peterson Christmas Pipe 2017

    I try and purchase a couple Peterson Christmas pipes each year. My favorite year was 2015, but 2017 is a close second. The marble white stem is more impressive in person than in the images, and compliments the dark red stain and sandblasted finish. Many of the years need a good break in to...
  19. cynicismandsugar

    How Old Is Everyone

    38, but aging in dog years. I want to say that I started piping at 35, but I don't really keep track of such things. I've probably been piping between 3-5 years.
  20. cynicismandsugar

    Royal Yacht

    Yup! It's part of our personalities to a certain degree; the Cap'n digs Black Frigate, Condorlover1 hates Royal Yacht, I have nightmares regarding Captain Black, and we all seem to choose sides on the Mixture 79 conflict... and a bit of good natured chop bustin' is expected. In my opinion...