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    Peterson System

    Is there a noticeable difference between Standard & premier systems in Petersons? Besides price. Smoke better? TIA
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    Peterson Price points

    I wonder at what price points can you tell the difference in what smokes better? Does a $90.00 smoke as good as a &150.00? A $150.00 like a $200.00? I have about 3 at the $125-150 range and got rid of the less expensive. But have an itch. TIA
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    Got this today, Dave Neeb

    Bought a refurbished Ben Wade from a couple of weeks ago. Was very happy with it and impressed with him so I bought this today. PIPE It is a stunner and he is a wonderful gentleman. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.
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    VA Flakes

    What are your top 5 favorites that you can buy currently. Mine was Dunhill, now OGS & ODF & Escudo
  5. I

    Which one?

    What is a better pipe? Used Ben wade freehand or used Erik Nording freehand. TIA
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    Shiny or not?

    I just got a new Ben Wade and it is beautiful...but, the shiniest lacquered finish I have. Thinking about taking the lacquer off with acetone. Will it be cooler to the touch when smoking? Breath better? TIA
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    Best $200.00 pipe

    What is the best one you own? Sav"s & petersons are my current fav's. TIA
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    Dunhill Flake is my Favorite

    I smoke more of it everyday than anything else & love it. The only thing I don't like that much is $12.50 ?? a tin. Is there anything that mirrors it that is more affordable? Maybe something in bulk? TIA.
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    Air filter

    What is the best air filter that removes smoke, preferably under $250.00? Smoked in the house all my life but wife just had improvements & new paint. Trying to make her happy by keeping the smell of new, uninhabited by living people in it.
  10. I


    A while back everyone was ranting about how good Escudo was, tried it several times & I didn't agree. Last week tried it again, new purchase, was on sale & love it now. Is there any bulk that's cheaper that taste like it? TIA
  11. I

    Which one?

    Will buy one of these, Thanks for your advise.
  12. I


    Going there in a couple of months, All is non-smoking now? Love that place, best food in the world, Courts of 2 Sisters, Arnauds, Brennans, et all. Want to try John Besh & see WW2 museum.
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    Shipping charges

    I notice that many people bitch about $20.00 shipping charges and why not ship for $5.00 in the USPS. So, if you ship in the mail for $5.00 or whatever, & it is lost or they say they "Never got it", you just eat the loss & refund their money? Had it happen to me before. What protects the...
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    looking for a pipe like this Anyone know what I can buy that is like/close to this one? It is the one that is on their website logo at the top. Thanks.
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    Pipe tobacco for when you retire

    Close to retiring , what do you smoke as an everyday go to. Will have a couple ones that I have but those are on fixed income, what is your good to dailey. Mine might be CH. BUT love Larry's Blend & Scotty' Burley.
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!

    To all, God bless.
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    IE 11 problem

    I always add this site to my favorite's bar on IE 11. Lately it doesn't work after a day or 2, anyone else or just me? And I have Chrome & all the rest so I know about them also. thanks in advance. TIA Happy Holiday's! Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah.
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    Ecigs that taste like pipe tobacco?

    I want to stop smoking all day and night in the house. Anybody ever try an E-cig that has a pipe tobacco taste? What kind & where do you get them if you have? Thanks in advance.
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    Where is Kashmir?

    Haven't seen him in a while. -------------------------- Thanks for being a member and participating. Thread title fixed. Please see rule 9 here along with the rest of the forum rules - Kevin --------------------------
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    For whatever reason, I have noticed that some "Old Regulars" that posted a lot have moved somewhere else it seems, but tonight noticed that some of the best "Old regulars" are still here. Thank you.