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  1. ejames

    Hasta La Vista Gents.

    I've come to the conclusion that if I want to keep breathing I need to quit smoking. In order to do that I will sell off most of my collection. Those I don't sell will be locked up somewhere so I can't get to them. I've already started the process,which will most likely take a few months--I'm...
  2. ejames

    Linkmans Special Punch Board Display.

    I picked this up on Ebay a while back and finally got it filled with pipes-- and cigarettes. This display was never used, all of the punch holes still have the little slips of paper in them although a couple of them are open. I didn't have enough Grabow "Specials" to fill it but the guys over at...
  3. ejames

    Bradley's Strawberry

    Bradley contacted me a few weeks ago about making him a strawberry pipe. He ended up asking for two, this one and a poker. The poker isn't done yet but sent this one to him a few days ago and he got it today. Told me I coould post pics as mine were better than his. He did send me this...
  4. ejames

    Did Some House Cleaning.

    A few days ago I did a quick inventory of the pipes I have around this joint. Decided I have entirely to many and finally made up my mind to "clean house". So far,after going through my shop I came up with these. They have all been sold to one buyer. I also went through my parts.pieces and...
  5. ejames

    Keep Calm and Break Sh*t !

    A while back someone posted a photo of a poster or something that said "Keep Calm and Break Shit". Can't remember who it was but I said I needed that on a shirt. Well, a couple of days ago a package show up from some shirt place and has this in it-- The "old Cajun" has struck again!! I plan to...
  6. ejames

    New Tamper on BriarBid.,owner_id,other_items Ed.
  7. ejames

    New Tamper Listing On BriarBid

    Listed a new tamper tonight. This is made from from a material I've never used before but really like so far. It's called "Inlace Acrylester" and is used a lot in pen making. The patterns in this one remind me of briar. Color is called "Russet"- I call it red, and has tiny metal flakes...
  8. ejames

    MTHanded--A Class Act!!

    Opened my email inbox this morning to find an email from Cigar International. Couldn't figure out why as I don't smoke cigars and have never been to their website. Almost deleted it,glad I didn't!! Turns out Rick had purchased a gift card from them for me! Couldn't find any PA or CH on their...
  9. ejames

    New BriarBid listings 12-09-12

    I have a few new listings up if you would like to check them out.Couple of tampers and two pipes.,owner_id,other_items
  10. ejames

    New BriarBid Listings .

    Just listed 4 tampers and a couple of pipes on BriarBid. Check them out if you'd like.
  11. ejames

    New Briar Bid listings

    Listed two tampers tonight. Intend to list more tampers and maybe a couple of pipes over the weekend.
  12. ejames

    Pipes and Tampers on Briar Bid.

    Hey Gents, I have listed some items on Briar Bid if you'd like to check them out. Tampers,two pipes I made and a few estates.,auction_id,auction_details
  13. ejames

    Need a "High Grade" tamper ?

    Googled tampers today and came across this site (and a couple of others) with some beautiful tampers. I need one of these for my Grabows!
  14. ejames

    Another "bullet" tamper; 7/14/12

    Made this a little different.Put a vulcanite ring in between the two pieces of the shell casing. Giving this one to a friend who has two to many shoes.Used a 500 mag shell casing. Edit: Moved to Pipe Accessories, L.
  15. ejames

    Made my first Churchwarden

    Sometime back I made two CW stands. One for my Linkmans CW and one to sell. No takers on the second one so last week I decided to make a pipe for it.It's a short squat pot with some plateau on the front.Bowl is 1 1/2" tall and about the same OD.Chamber is 3/4". Overall length is 11". The bowl...
  16. ejames

    Briar Purchase

    Thought I'd relay the good experience I had with a recent purchase of some briar pen Blanks. Found a listing for the pen blanks on Ebay and contacted the seller about shipping on four pieces. He gave me a good price for the shipping so I ordered four blanks. He sent them priority mail and sent 6...
  17. ejames

    My latest attempt at pipe carving.

    My latest attempt at pipe carving. Kind of a pregnant bent billiard. Probably should have taken more off the "cheeks"--the area where the shank and bowl meet-- and rounded the bottom more,but I do all my shaping with files and sandpaper and got tired of filing and sandpapering!! Top of shank has...
  18. ejames

    Refurb of a DG Commodore

    I decided to take a break from playing with tampers and work on some pipes for my Skyliner display. Finished this one up yesterday. This one just needed a little shining up. I need to find three more Commodores to fill the card on the diplay--holds six.Problem is that Commodores are rather hard...
  19. ejames

    Interesting news story about Dr. Grabow

    This was posted over at DGCF,thought some here might find it interesting.
  20. ejames

    Ace57's Ventilator--refurb.

    A while back Rod contacted me to see if I'd like to have a Medico ventilator to make another tamper from. Once I got the pipe and took a good look at it I decided it was just to nice to cut up and make a tamper from. So I decided to refinish it.Thanks Rod!