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  1. foggymountain

    Tip About Mercedes

    A few years ago I sold many thousands of dollars in pipes, tobacco and cameras. used the money to buy a new Mercedes 550SL. It was a mistake. The car was great fun to drive, especially with the top down. But the computer which controlled almost everything was very unreliable. One month the top...
  2. foggymountain

    First Smoke in 13 Months

    I quit smoking 13 months ago because of heart problems. Yesterday I made an exception. I loaded a Dunhill #1 Crosby with Troost and smoked less than 1/3 of it. I must say it was among the more memorable few moments of my life. To say it was a good smoke is a severe understatement. It was...
  3. foggymountain

    Van Gogh Smoked a Peterson?

    In Self Portrait with Glass, 1887, he is smoking a pipe. It appears to be an army mount Peterson.
  4. foggymountain

    Recipe for People with Few Teeth

    Cubed avocado, chopped fresh tomato and onion chopped fine as snow. Cook some orzo, squeeze lemon juice on the avocado then put it, the tomato and onion, all raw, on the orzo. Add Parmesano Reggiano and mix thoroughly. If too bland add a very small amount of Grey Poupon mustard. The parmesan has...
  5. foggymountain


    Just watching the Fred Astaire film of that name. he is smoking a #4 Dunhill Crosby. Wondering what that shape was called at the time. I started smoking a pipe 20 years after this film was released. Back then pipe smoking was common, not unusual as it is today.
  6. foggymountain

    New Car

    I finally fulfilled a lifelong desire this spring and got a Mercedes SL. The 550 SL with a V8. This car has a hard convertible top that folds up into the trunk without even touching it. Automatic transmission with paddles for manual shifting without a clutch. Extraordinary power and stability...
  7. foggymountain

    Had a Smoke Yesterday

    My first tobacco in 9 weeks. Just some Dunhill Standard Mellow in a #2 Crosby, half filled. It was great. I will not be returning to heavy or even daily smoking, but am sure glad I saved my favorite small pipes and lots of tobacco. There are still about 4 dozen Dunhills and 2 Skovgaards for...
  8. foggymountain

    5 Weeks Without Tobacco

    About 5 weeks ago I was smoking a cigar, and started to get sharp pains in my heart. So I put down the cigar and they stopped. I haven't smoked any tobacco since. What is it like? The physical addiction is nothing compared to cigarettes. It was fairly easy to quit. There is one thing though...
  9. foggymountain

    Re Orders From Bruce or foggy

    Money is coming in. For each I need an email to to explain the full name, amount, item, quantity, mailing address whether it is paid, what I promised you, whether you got it. Each email has to be a separate email, not a continuation of previous emails. Otherwise I will...
  10. foggymountain

    Help! (Foggy Mountain Orders)

    I am caught up, but only two orders may be mailed. You gentlemen are using 2 or 3 names, first names only, leaving out addresses, and even leaving out orders. These are the only two guys that I have enough information on to mail today:Eric Lane and James Baker. They will be mailed today. How do...
  11. foggymountain

    Trying to Reach Eric Lane

    I got an email from Eric and erroneously erased it. If you get this please contact me.-- Bruce, Foggy
  12. foggymountain

    Forced to Quit Smoking, Lots of Great Pipes for Sale

    Sadly, my heart has been talking to me lately. She says that I quit smoking and drinking or she will quit me. It has been a 63 year run with cigars, 61 years with pipes. Not complaining, I got my money's worth out of this body. I do have about 100 Dunhills, 75 other very good pipes and about...
  13. foggymountain

    New Car

    Bought a new Ford Explorer this summer, the sport version. 365 hp V6, non tilt suspension, about a foot of ground clearance, AWD. I love the car after driving a Honda CR-V for 3 years (ugh). Quick acceleration is appreciated, but still slow compared to most motorcycles.
  14. foggymountain

    Phoenicia Diner

    Those of you who live in the area probably know the Phoenicia (NY) diner. Best diner I have attended. The bourbon milkshake is outstanding as is most of the food. Avoid the Hollandaise sauce which is poor. If you go on summer weekends expect a long wait unless you get there very early. On route...
  15. foggymountain

    Gloredo Pipecleaners

    These are the best and come with a shank & stem brush. Does anyone have a source for them? Smoking Pipes used to have them.
  16. foggymountain

    61 Years of Pipesmoking

    I started this month in 1956. Would like to hear from any of you guys who have survived longer.
  17. foggymountain

    Cotton Club, The Film

    I just saw this film for the first time since 1984 when it was released. The TV version was censored just a little. This film was cast in 1982 when I had a new actor's headshot photo studio in Manhattan. Things were slow, but when they cast Cotton Club they needed hundreds of people. My studio...
  18. foggymountain

    Dark Star

    Received a can of McClellands Dark Star today. Am getting ready to load my second bowl. It is a really nice smoke. Virginias pressed and aged into a flake. Delicious taste. My only reservation is that it is so moist that it is difficult to light. (They are selling water for the price of...
  19. foggymountain

    Tobacco Inventory

    Finally got around to counting the tobacco cans. There are 1028 in my pipe smoking room. Of the 1028, 209 are Bombay Court, 131 Nightcap, 76- 3 Oaks Syrian, 68 Macbaren Vintage Syrian, 44 Full Balkan Syrian, 69 Frog Morton. These are the largest amounts. Tried a can of the 3 Oaks Syrian, which...
  20. foggymountain

    New Avatar

    Went to change my avatar, but the system squeezed the picture out of proportion and ruined it. The only picture I could find on my new computer that did not have nudity, was a cluttered snapshot of this painting I did of a cross. So that is me, for now.