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  1. bullet08

    The Other White Meat.

    Italian Style.
  2. bullet08

    Bending Vulcanite Stem.

    How much can it be bent? If I heat up the stem with a heat gun, and bend, will one side stretch and other side all winkle up?
  3. bullet08


    Been reading about Fillmore. Says it doesn't have any flavoring. But it definitely has very intense taste. I haven't had that many Va/Per, but this blend seems more intense in taste than any other Va/Per I had before. Didn't know it had trace of lat, but others think it does. Now thinking about...
  4. bullet08


    Been trying out OTC blends for awhile. I do like and enjoy Half & Half, CH, and SWR. They were all from pouches. Granger only comes in tub. 12 oz huge tub. So I got the tub. It's not bad, but I'm keep running into issues. First smoke was great. Didn't dry or anything. Second smoke was kept being...
  5. bullet08

    Flint And Steel.

    Used to be into starting fire primitive ways. No, I don't live in California. Thought about starting the pipe with flint and steel for awhile. Just read from another forum I belong to, the trick is using charcloth. I gotta give it a try. Will post a result. Heard it's better than Zippo. Another...
  6. bullet08

    Alexander The Great.

    This is a recreation of Alexander the Great by a Dutch photographer and a artist Bas Uterwijk. First thing that came to my mind was "Alex the Great was Wayne Gretzky?"
  7. bullet08

    Peterson Christmas Pipes 2020.

    Available at SP now. Didn't get one. But completed my SH collection minus that last 4 piece set no longer available.
  8. bullet08

    How To Clean Cob Pipe Rim?

    No one seems to talk about this on the Google or YouTube. Noticed rim getting scorched, but spit and shine doesn't seem to work like on briar. Just let it get darker and darker? Or is there a solution?
  9. bullet08

    Corn Cob Pipe and SWR.

    Only had two bowls so far. But I'm keep reaching for cob and SWR. Just something about that pair make me want to smoke it all the time. Order two more MM cob pipes so I can rotate and try other OTC burley blends.
  10. bullet08

    That Tub Is Huge.

    Never bought a tub of tobacco before. It's 12oz, but huge. My 12oz Diet Pepsi is never that big.
  11. bullet08

    Peterson POTY 2020.

    I didn't even get to look at some pipes. They are moving fast! It's on SP. I might try again on Thursday.
  12. bullet08

    Peterson Sandblasted.

    Since there's been talk about PSB from Peterson lately, and I didn't think much of it, here is a non-PSB Peterson SH Strand. Normally I don't post new pipe until the first smoke, but it's been few months since last time I satisfied my PAD.
  13. bullet08

    So, Haddo's Delight..

    I had to find out where the tin note was coming from. So I asked the blend owner, Greg. I didn't use the four letter word. Asked him politely where is that "pungent, earthy, horse manure or organic fertilizer" aroma coming from. Per him, it's due to burley and a lot of perique that's giving that...
  14. bullet08

    Hot Weather.

    Found this when I got in the car.
  15. bullet08

    Thanks To Smoking..

    Was on my front porch smoking. Noticed mail carrier having hard time. Called her supervisor and 911. All because I was smoking.
  16. bullet08

    A Bit of Sauce.

  17. bullet08

    Dang It!

    Found myself reaching for VA this morning. So far, most of what I have collected are English. Now I have to get more VA and VA/Per. Hope my taste for English hasn't left me yet.
  18. bullet08

    Last Pipe, Maybe for The Year.

    Certainly not the last tobaccos for the year.