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  1. metalheadycigarguy

    7th Annual NW Pipe Meet Up - July 15, 2018

    FYI... for those that are in the Pacific Northwest or will be in the area on July 15, 2018; you're invited to attended the 7th Annual NW Pipe Meet Up at Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge in Fife, WA from 2pm to 7pm. Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge (just outside Tacoma) is where the Seattle Pipe Club meets...
  2. metalheadycigarguy

    Two New Meerschaum Pipes for the Collection

    Acquired two new to me Meerschaum pipes (Altinay straight billiard, and SMS bent bulldog). Both have barely been smoked and look almost new. Picked up both for a great low price. I'm very pleased with my acquisition, and the best part is that it's helping out a friend who is selling off many of...
  3. metalheadycigarguy

    More Meerschaum P.A.D.

    Here are my two newest acquisitions to my meerschaum pipe collection. This brings my collection to 17 meerschaum pipes. Got a steal of a deal on the calabash which was smoked only a handful of times and was super clean other than some oxidation on the stem. The Hawkbill was a great deal and was...
  4. metalheadycigarguy

    Cleaning A Gourd Calabash Pipe - Questions???

    Just bought an estate gourd calabash and need some suggestions on how to clean the gourd. I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail, so I'm not sure how dirty the gourd chamber is, but from the pictures the meerschaum bowl needs some cleaning so I'm guessing the gourd will as well. As far...
  5. metalheadycigarguy

    Anyone Use Tobacco Cellar .com

    I didn't see a previous thread about this, so apologies if there was a previous one. So several years ago I created an account on to help keep track of tins in my tobacco cellar, and mason jars I had open and smoking from. At the time I had a small cellar, and minimal open...
  6. metalheadycigarguy

    New Savinelli's Added to the Pipe Collection

    So I've been looking at acquiring some new pipes, and after a few weeks of looking and having my eye caught by a few Ser Jacopo's, Caminetto's, a Castello, a couple Savinelli pipes, and a few others; I decided on the Savinelli Onda 616 KS, and was fortunate to come across a gorgeous Savinelli...
  7. metalheadycigarguy

    Pipe Sales

    Any one know if there are any good sales coming up? I've got my eye on a few pipes (Ser Jacopo, Caminetto, Castello) at SmokingPipes, and I'd love to pull the trigger on two if I could hit a good sale. I missed out on SmokingPipes estate pipe sale recently, and a couple really nice pipes I would...
  8. metalheadycigarguy

    Question About Ser Jacopo Pipe

    I came across a Ser Jacopo Gemma Modica 02 bent Apple but there is no stamping/nomenclature on the pipe. Is this normal? I've not seen a Ser Jacopo pipe without some markings. Price seems too good to be real deal. Any thoughts?
  9. metalheadycigarguy

    If You Could Save One Tobacco from the FDA Deeming Regulations

    Ok guys... what one tobacco would you save from the FDA Deeming Regulations if you had the chance to save one? That means any tobacco's created/blended after February 2007. Well... what are going to save?
  10. metalheadycigarguy

    Meerschaum P.A.D. - My Newest Pipe to the Collection

    Just showing off my newest Meerschaum pipe. This pipe was carved by Tekin Uzkesici, and beautifully done with excellent detail. This is my 6th Meerschaum acquisition over the last several months. I'm definitely hooked on Meerschaum pipes.
  11. metalheadycigarguy

    6th Annual NW Pipe Meet Up - July 16, 2017

    For those interested, I'll be hosting another pipe meet up at Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge in Fife, WA (just outside Tacoma, WA). The same as I've done in the past; come and go as you please. Hang out for an hour or all day. Your choice. I'll be there from about 1-7pm, so feel free to stop by...
  12. metalheadycigarguy

    Wow... Deal of the Day!!!

    Wow... there are some real scam artists out there. I don't think this seller understands what the word "vintage" means as this is clearly a more recent pipe. Some people... :crazy...
  13. metalheadycigarguy

    Meerschaum P.A.D. - My Newest Acquisitions (PIC Heavy)

    Here are my 3 recent acquisitions to the pipe collection. I got these 3 pipes for a steal of a deal, and am very pleased with my purchases. Sadik Yanik Meerschaum Pipe: CAO Egg & Claw Meerschaum Pipe (from 1982): Thompson African Meerschaum Pipe:
  14. metalheadycigarguy

    Question About CAO Meerschaum Pipes

    I'm interested in a particular CAO pipe, but it doesn't appear to have Bekler's signature on it. It does say CR 1982 CAO on the bottom. It's my understanding that Bekler signed all of his pipes from 1974 until his passing. Does anyone know who any of the other pipe carvers were for CAO? Is there...
  15. metalheadycigarguy

    Eliminate that Stinky Smoke Smell

    Just thought I would share this information for those that may be in a similar situation like me. I've been a cigar smoker for about 7 years and a pipe smoker for a little more than 5 years. I regularly smoke in my shop (Man Cave) as I live in the Pacific Northwest and its usually cold, wet...
  16. metalheadycigarguy

    My Largest Tobacco Order - Merry Christmas To Me

    I guess you could call this a Christmas present to myself. I recently sold some collectible items on ebay, and in turn spent the money on this tobacco order. This is the largest order of tobacco I've ever made as I usually keep my orders fairly small as to not upset the wife. Happy wife...
  17. metalheadycigarguy

    Two New Pipes for the Collection

    The newest additions to my pipe collection. Two William Demuth Company (WDC) bulldog pipes. One is a WDC Triangle straight bulldog with a bone screw tenon, and the other is a Brighton WDC bent bulldog. I acquired the pipes, from a pipe maker that polished up the pipes, and re-fitted them with...
  18. metalheadycigarguy

    Pipe Collection

    Inspired by the other pipe collection thread I thought I would show off my collection as it stands now. Over the past 5 years I've owned around 70 pipes, but many of those have come and gone via trade, gift or sold off. Currently I have 38 pipes in my collection, and though it's not a fancy...
  19. metalheadycigarguy

    Won A Great Meerschaum Auction For A Steal of A Deal

    Scored this nice lot of 7 meerschaum pipes on ebay yesterday. I noticed from the poor grainy photograph that two of them were Petersons and another was either CAO or SMS. After asking a few questions to the seller he sent me a few more photographs and verified the two Petersons, the SMS and...
  20. metalheadycigarguy

    Another New Pipe... Yes I Needed It

    This is my new Phil Rivara Bing Crosby/Canadian pipe. My friend had this commissioned by Phil Rivara based off a Bing Crosby pipe, but it has a more restricted draw than he likes and needs a skinny pipe cleaner to run through it, and after a handful of smokes he decided it wasn't for him. I...