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    Rare Tobacco

    Bragging about hoarding isn’t cool and will never be. Rare tobacco hunting in general is for people who have too much time on their hands.
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    Esoterica Drop

    Increase supply to meet demand is the traditional solution. Or increase price if supply is fixed. Either one of the two is acceptable to align demand and supply. Problem solved, easy.
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    Got My Sun Bear

    Yeah as you know hoarders gonna hoard, do you actually expect someone to say no don’t get it?
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    Bulk Tobacco For Chew Or Pipes

    Chew is on a different site, the question is whether they ship worldwide.
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    I recommend Magnum Opus and Blackhouse, just the kind of stuff you will like.
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    Favorite Tobacco?

    Magnum Opus, GLP Meridian and Plum Pudding are my favourites.
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    Did I Miss The Memo?

    Another artificial rumour to boost sales. Just like a year ago someone said no new blends due to regulations and there have been dozens of new blends since then.
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    Happy 1st Birthday, Dear Cellar

    Your taste looks good. My buying is stopped due to regulation. A cautionary tale that I wished I bought less tobacco not more, now I feel forced to actually smoke it haha.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Lancer slices, like a boss.
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    Australian Customs

    That sounds like the new standard for the country with highest tobacco taxes in the world. I want to vote for lower taxes on tobacco and removal of prohibition of imported leaf. That’s the only way to go from here on out
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    If You Love Plum Pudding You'll Also Love.... ?

    Magnum Opus, check it out. It’s top quality Balkan.
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    Australian Customs

    I stopped buying online post the tobacco import date last year. How do they handle this law in practice?
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    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    Funny that to limit cigarette black market they package in pipe tobacco too, as if someone is standing on a street corner trying to scalp escudo.
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    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    Ok so what happens if you import it by post? I do not have a cellar, but that is ok because I didn't smoke much anyway.
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    McClellands IS GONE?

    They stopped producing it and wont let anyone else produce it, and apparently they are all kind of wonderful.
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    Dunhill Is Back

    Ok this puts a stop to any rumours about tobacco industry because STG are better informed and they are still investing in it.
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    Wellauer dunhill replacements

    Now everyone is issuing their own matches. I say to that - get rid of those second hand imitations and bring the real thing back.
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    Mac Baren HH Vintage Latakia

    I tried it and it is not the same as vintage Syrian, actually not that much latakia in it.
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    SG Is Out There

    Tobacco pipes has some still. Hoarders, we know your objective is to make sure no one else gets any - you know what to do.
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    Hi from Australia

    Ok good, tell us your tobacco story.