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  1. martiniman

    Holy Grail X2 - GBD 357 Pedigree

    Very nice, still meet at the wooden match?
  2. martiniman

    Seeking Advice For The Local B&M

    Are you in PA? What shop?
  3. martiniman

    Tinsky 2014 Bengal Christmas pipe

    Nice pipe, WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. martiniman

    Tsuge Pipes

    I have a silver trimmed poker that is a great smoker......
  5. martiniman

    Royal Oak Briars "Huntsman" Commission

    Great finish on a great shape. Well done....
  6. martiniman

    $200 Boswell's Pipe Cleaners!

  7. martiniman

    "Pipe mud"

    +1 on fireplace mortar.
  8. martiniman

    If That Is What You Are Selling, What Are You Smoking?

    If i see an unsmoked pipe or one in good shape at a B&M or on eBay and i can get a good price i will buy it even if i never intend on smoking it (maybe not my style). But I will sell/trade to get what I like. I never pass on a good deal........ :D Cheers,
  9. martiniman

    Prayers For Guy In My Club

    Prayers sent my friend.....
  10. martiniman

    1 + 1 = 2 COOL!

    Well done.
  11. martiniman

    Looky Looky, -> -> Baccyporn!

    Well, Well, Well......................... how is it!
  12. martiniman

    Question about ash color?

    Nail--------Head. You will have a hard time getting the fine white ash with a tobacco that has a casing (aros). Don't get caught up on the ash, just enjoy. Welcome aboard.
  13. martiniman

    Pipe Smoking Book Recommendation.

    Peter Pan? Who would of thought........
  14. martiniman

    How Do You Sip To Get All The Flavor?

    Aros to frog is a jump. Do be afraid to be an Aro smoker. There are plenty of us out there. Pipe breaking in really depends on how its smoked, quality of pipe, tobacco, many, many things. Keep you pipe clean especially changing tobaccos, Many aros will ghost(leave a taste) in a pipe so when you...
  15. martiniman

    Builders' Tea

    P & G tips, irish....
  16. martiniman

    B&M Appreciation Gift

    A very classy gesture. I have the same lighter and 2 scribes. I like the scribes better to get into a bowl but you cannot beat a Xikar, lifetime warranty. Cheers, Rick