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  1. eslavs

    Chacom Pipes

    My first real pipe was a Chacom 862, and it's still one of my go-to pipes. I now own 2 Chacoms and I love them both.
  2. eslavs

    Peterson Christmas Pipes 2020.

    Upon closer inspection, I agree. They look darker than last year's and appear to come in more shapes. I got a 408 last year but was eyeing up an 05, 999, or a B10 for the 2020 offering.....
  3. eslavs

    Peterson Christmas Pipes 2020.

    I saw them today. Is it just me or do they look to be almost exactly the same as the 2019's?
  4. eslavs

    In Praise of Boswell’s

    If Northwoods isn't your thing, Countryside might be worth a try. It's a toned down Northwoods, a little sweeter.
  5. eslavs

    New Petersons

    Very nice Petes. I especially like the Sherlock Holmes. Happy smokes!
  6. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    Sadly, I feel the same way. I may order some bulks from them since their bulk prices with the tax are pretty much in line with other online retailers, but that will likely be the extent of my business with them.
  7. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    This state can be a real dumpster fire. But in terms of taxes, since we don't pay state income tax I'm OK with sales taxes added on to most stuff. It's the other excessive taxes that annoy me.
  8. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    Totally agree, it's a real shame. Glad I didn't try to order as a guest and have to deal with the hassle you did. We must be in the same neck of the woods if you're 90 min from them. Sarasota area here.
  9. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    I always figured that the tax may have only applied to actual B&M stores, and not internet only retailers based in-state. Oh well, they're out of Sun Bear anyhow....
  10. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    It's just strange since they never have before. They will tack on a county tax, which I assumed was tax in question. Out of curiosity, I tried to check out as a guest and entered my address. I got all the way to the end of checkout and it didn't change the price at all. It's wierd.
  11. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    I've been a regular customer of Tobaccopipes - they've always had great prices, and they're a local operation so the huge bonus has been shipping (they're only about 90 min away from where I live).....however..... I had a couple of items in my cart to purchase (Sun Bear @ 11.34, some bulk @...
  12. eslavs

    L.J. Peretti 150th Flake

    Update: I just received an email that my order from 5/16 has shipped. BOLO!
  13. eslavs

    L.J. Peretti 150th Flake

    I ordered 5oz on 5/16. Emailed them over the weekend, and got a response on Tuesday. They told me they are just catching up, and that they expect mine to be filled this week....I'd think yours would be along the same timeline.
  14. eslavs

    Best Tobacco Stores Online

    I'd say it all depends on what you're looking for. When it comes to big box online retailers, smokingpipes and tobaccopipes are my tops. I've found that B&M retailers that have an online presence usually have more of the stuff I'm looking for (SG and G&H stuff mainly) - places like Boswell's...
  15. eslavs

    Sarasota Pipe Meet

    Weekends are usually the best for me as my work/travel schedule varies.
  16. eslavs

    Destination B&Ms

    Same here, when I have time. I'll be headed to Boston in May for work, and you better believe I'll be making a stop at Peretti. Same goes for TCS in Jackson. Looking forward to both.
  17. eslavs

    Oh Lord, I Did It Again

    I also have an old Peterson Stirling, with exactly the same band as you described with no hallmarks. Made in Ireland. I think I determined it was made 1945-1949. Excellent pipe for being such an old geezer.
  18. eslavs

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    G&H Rum Flake in an English estate billiard.
  19. eslavs

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    PS English Luxury in a 1977 Comoys Christmas
  20. eslavs

    HH Acadian Perique - Trying New Things

    Balkan Supreme is in stock @, check there.