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    Trying to Make My First Pipe

    My wife got me a "man crate" that is a pipe making kit. It has a block of briar and hand tools (saw, files, etc..) pretty cool set. However, I'm not about to try to use their saw to shape a pipe.....I do have a dremel 4000 and think that would be my best tool over the hand tools. My question...
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    Edward G Robinson

    I haven't smoked this blend in several years, I guess because I've been smoking others and just kinda forgot about it. I also think I have gotten a little stuck up in my tobacco tasting that I have focused on more " superior" or "desirable" blends. With that said, I'm trying to get back to my...
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    Stokkebye Luxury Vs. Escudo Navy De Luxe

    What's your opinion? Frankly, I can not tell much difference. PS seams to have a little less "staying power" and it is a little sweeter, but, other than that... What am I missing?
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    NEW ESTATE DUNHILL! 15% Off on

    Was able to pick this up for 15% off plus using my gift card I got for Christmas. They are running this on their estates this weekend.dunhill
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    Props for

    I've bought 2 pipes over the past couple of months from Jamie at Stem and Briar. He does an excellent job and has great service. I bought a Castello Sea Rock bent egg, and a Savinelli Madera 602. He has pipes for all budgets and is highly recommended!
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    $20 Peterson from Flea Market

    Picked this up today and my 4 year old daughter had to say "daddy scored" to everyone at the market after she heard me say "score" after picking this up for $20. It's a 317 system from Peterson and I think it dates to 1960. It took a pretty good cleaning. The first smoke is going well so far...
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    Help: Is There A possible Restoration To This

    My main thought is no. But, it was the first pipe I bought 15 years ago, so I wanted to give her a shot before I deemed her dead, so I thought I would ask the experts..... (Hopefully the picture below will post, if not it's in my album)
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    Help With recent Sasieni Estate Purchase

    Hey guys, when back home over Thanksgiving I picked up a great little sasieni pipe at the Briary. Short pipe, huge bowl, and a hell of a smoker. I don't know much about sasieni so I thought I'd ask the experts. It's a 4 dot walmut and Mark in order as followed: sasi€ni, four dot walnut, London...
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    Stem and Briar Restoration

    Of course I still can't get my pictures to upload....but James at stem and Briar knocked it out of the park on a unique savenelli 602. Great price, excellent work , excellent service. Check them out at the pipe I got is beautiful...I just wish you could see it. If I ever figure...
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    Pictures...How Do I Post Them

    How do I Post pictures. Read the initial thread but didn't help me. Just need a simple, do this...
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    There Goes The Pipe Budget...

    Had a cool "fresh" Castello in my wish list at, and my fridge decided to call it quits last night. Of course the wifey saw it as her opportunity to get the new latest and greatest "stainless steel" she could find...was planning to pull the trigger tonight. But, so long...
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    Flying with Pipes and Tobacco

    Hello all! Needing advice from you all on flying with pipes and tobacco. I will be flying out next week and will be gone for over a week which means I will need at least 5 pipes and probably 5-6 ounces of different tobacco's. I will not be checking bags. Any advice as to best practices, what to...