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    Peter Stokkebye

    Trying some of the Peter Stokebye Virginia Longcut. Dirt cheap, an I do mean cheap. I like it so far. Just a nice lazy smoke. Have a tin of Peter Stokebye Amsterdam Shag as well. Way better than the Drum which has been a favorite for years.
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    Nailed by Customs?

    My latest package has been sitting at Canadian Customs for 10 days. Just got word from Rich that it was leaving Montreal today. Sounds like a duty payment in the near future for me.
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    1952 Dunhill Patent

    I am sure some of the longstanding Members remember the 1952 Dunhill Patent pipe and the storey of how i obtained it. I had posted pics of the before and after restoration as well. This post is lost to me now on here. But it is the pride of my collection of over 100 pipes of all makers. Anyway...
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    Value of Penz and Stone

    Wow that Stone Haven went high an fast. I have 7 unopened bags of penzance and 5 of Stonehaven. Out of mere curiosity; what is the going value of each bag?
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    Hey Ya'll. It's Been Awhile

    Hey Guys an Gals. It has been a few years since I've been here. Used to be nsfisher. I couldn't remember my password and my email changed so i had to re-apply. Thanks Kevin for accepting me again. Hope to chat with ya'll soon. Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization.