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  1. onestrangeone

    Gifted Amorelli

    I was more than a bit surprised when this 3 star Amorelli Chimney showed up on my doorstep today, it seems that a very generous BotB decided that he wanted me to be the new caretaker of of this beauty!
  2. onestrangeone

    Radice ‘Radice’

    Picked up this unsmoked Dublin from a buddy back East, And to top it of it comes with an 8oz jar of Stonehaven!
  3. onestrangeone


    Hi Everyone! I was able work out a trade for a stick of Tambolaka and want to give it a try this weekend. My question is what’s the best way to prep this stuff? The directions on the package say to pull of a piece and steam it for about them minutes, separate and chop or shred it? I get that...
  4. onestrangeone

    Dunhill Substitutes

    I've been following the threads about Dunhill getting out of the pipe tobacco market and have seen several comments to the effect of, eh, there's better things out there, so my question is what? I'm not too concerned with the lat blends I already have several that I like as much or more than the...
  5. onestrangeone

    Bamboo Bulldog

    Just wanted to give a shoutout too Rx2man about the Bamboo Bulldog I recently purchased. I’ve only been able to smoke 4 bowls through it so far, still I can tell that she’s going to be a great smoker, the fit and finish are fantastic and the attention to detail is awesome. The pipe was shipped...
  6. onestrangeone

    Opinions on Armentrout

    I found an Armentrout pipe that I like, the shape, finish and chamber size are what I'm looking for. I don't know anything about the carver. Hoping some of y'all might be familiar with his work. Are his pipes well regarded?
  7. onestrangeone

    Suggestions For 'Work' Smoke.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for something that is easy to smoke, med-full body and flavor. When I have a chance to smoke at work I need something that burns easy without having to pay a lot of attention to it, burlys are okay C&D Burly flake #1 is okay although it taste kinda ashy when it's over...
  8. onestrangeone

    Bad Taste after Cleaning.

    I have a Comoy's estate that has a very bad taste to it, to me it taste like what the Decatur pipe shield (wax) smell's like. When I got this pipe it was filthy, I used Everclear to unclog the stem, then an Oxy-clean soak, sand and buff. I reamed the bowl and did a salt treatment, EC and sea...
  9. onestrangeone

    Pipe Stripping Question

    I have two pipes that I want to remove the top coat from. I am guessing that the finish coat is either varnish or lacquer, both are a gloss the has bubbled and chipped. both of these are inexpensive pipes that smoke fairly well and are comfortable. it's not likely that I will re-stain either...
  10. onestrangeone

    To Wet To Smoke?

  11. onestrangeone

    Last To Know, Mac Baren Tins

    I decided to pop the top on a tin of ODF, March of 2013 this afternoon, was more than a bit surprised to find rust all the way around the top of the can, did a search and found the old threads on this :( At least mine are all still sealed but now I feel that I have to open and jar the other five...
  12. onestrangeone

    What Causes A Tin To Swell?

    I was going thru my stash trying to decide what I want to open next and I came across a tin of C&D Sunday Picnic that is all swollen up, the top and bottom are bulging out to the point that it looks like it's about to blow, is this normal? Do I need to open this before it blows the top? Has...
  13. onestrangeone

    A Question About Drilling

    This may be a dumb question question but I would like some clarification, when ya'll talk about checking the drilling on a new pipe are you referring to the point where the draft hole enters the chamber, or the alignment where the bit and the shank meet? I have a few bent pipes where I can...
  14. onestrangeone

    Restoring Bead Lines

    I have a Comoy's bulldog from the late 40's - mid 50's that has part of the bead line worn off, it's about 3/8 of an inch long. I can still see where the bottom line was, barely the top line is gone completely. I was thinking about using a piece of tape for a strait edge and going over it with a...
  15. onestrangeone

    First Pipe, 2 Years Today!

    So it was two years ago today that I received my first ever 'tobacco' pipe, it was a starter set, a Nana Ivarson by Stanwell and 4-5 tins of Stanwell tobacco, some cleaners and a pipe tool, had also ordered two different Sutliff samplers and a few cobs, thought I was set for years! lol. I smoked...
  16. onestrangeone

    How To Store A Wessex Brick?

    Just now received my first ever gold brick, it may be a bit before I get around to actually opening it. The plastic it is in does not look like it was meant for storage? Is it plastic or cellophane? Throw it in a jar or set it on the shelf?
  17. onestrangeone

    First Pipe From Pipestud.

    So, over this past weekend I decided to pull the trigger on this little beauty, I have to say I was/am impressed with the speed at which Steve replied to my emails and the quality of the photo pack he sent back (This was a Saturday) I received my new baby yesterday all swaddled in leather and...
  18. onestrangeone

    Do Pipes Really Get Better With Time?

    So I was reading a post where someone stated that, "our pipes get better the more we smoke them" I don't disagree with this statement, however it got me to thinking about it, is it that the pipe itself is improving? It seems more likely that the more I smoke a particular pipe the more I get used...
  19. onestrangeone

    Someone Beat Me To It!

    Kinda bummed out, I had my eye on an Ardor estate for about 6 weeks now, liked everything about it, perfect size, weight, shape, color, blast, even the price was acceptable, now someone else has it. :( This is a rough time of the year for me what with business taxes and personal taxes. I was...
  20. onestrangeone

    Pipe Abuse?

    I have a Baraccini that I smoke on the way to work. This was part of some 'deal' that I picked up awhile back, I was more interested in the tobacco than the pipe at the time. The tobacco turned out to be a bust for me (I still have about 12-13oz of it) and I came very close to tossing the pipe...