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  1. lightxmyfire

    Pipe Mud Question

    Hey everyone, I've got a MM Charles Towne Cobbler, it came with a pretty decent gap in front of an under the draft hole which usually leaves a little pile of unsmokable leaves. I finally decided that I was tired of the "loss" and to try and pipe mud the gap. This is my first time even making...
  2. lightxmyfire

    My New Martin Cermak Blasted Tomato

    Just got this beautiful pipe off of I haven’t even smoked a first bowl in it yet and I’m very excited to! This my first pipe involving any bamboo and the color of the stem and the blast with it really work for me. These iPhone photos don’t do it justice but hopefully ya’ll get...
  3. lightxmyfire

    Fantastic Savinelli Tune-Up By SATX Pipe

    I recently sent my Savinelli Venezia 506 out to Blake at SATX pipe to have it cleaned up de-caked and polished, and I have the say the results were great! This pipe was my first non-basket pipe purchase, I’ve had it for 12 years. The pipe is sentimental for me and I was very sad at the loss of...
  4. lightxmyfire

    A Very Good 30th Birthday

    Shameless brag post here, but I wanted to share that I’m having a very good 30th. Started with a wonderful breakfast with my wife and hike with our dog. Now I’ve opened and Am sitting down to enjoy a 29 year old McClelland blend on my porch. Thought it would be appropriate to burn something that...
  5. lightxmyfire

    In Which Pipe Do You Sail Your Navy (Flake)?

    I was taking out my jar of G.L. Pease Sextant this afternoon; which I usually smoke in one of my MM cobs. I wanted to try it out in one of my briars and the question hit me, what should I smoke this in?! It strikes me that Navy flakes in general are mostly VA’s with a touch or so of Latakia. Do...
  6. lightxmyfire

    Maestro Beraldi tastes badi?

    Hey all! I picked up this beautiful Maestro Beraldi at my local shop a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it's look and feel. It will take a pipe cleaner straight through and it smokes really well .... buuuutt I got my first smoke in it and it had an awful lingering taste of burnt rubber...
  7. lightxmyfire

    Mold again!? But really is this mold?

    Hey all, Went to smoke my mason jarred Esoterica Dunbar, and found this.... To me, it doesn't look super green or blue, it's pretty white, and the jar still smells amazing, no musty/moldy smells. Is this mold or that good stuff?! Thanks!
  8. lightxmyfire

    Need help dating a McClelland tin!

    Hey everybody, I just bought a tin of McClelland’s Turkish Woods, the seller told me it was from 1990 but the code on the bottom of the tin is only three digits (See the photos). Does anyone know if they were using a different number system then? Or can anyone help me ID this tin? Thanks all...
  9. lightxmyfire

    Hello from D.C.

    Hey everyone, New to the forums here! My name is Matt and I live right out side of D.C. I’ve been smoking a pipe since 2007 ish, and I enjoy a wide range of tobaccos and am going on the adventure of trying new blends and finding new favorites! I’m here to learn and interact with the pipe...