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    Blend Age: What's Optimal?

    "It is better to enjoy it sooner, and dream of what it may become, that to find it over the hill later, and lament what it might have been." - GLP I very much agree with this! While I do find enjoyment in seeing what a tobacco might become over time, life is short! None of us are getting any...
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    Wearing My Irish Kilt Today, Because...Why Not?

    Good stuff. While the idea of an Irish kilt/tartan is relatively recent, I'm all for people wearing kilts to celebrate their heritage. Wear it proudly!
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    Update: Timing of Removal of Tobacco Blends Introduced After February 2007

    It is true though. We may mourn the loss of McClellands and Dunhill, but there will come a time in the not-too-distant future where the choice of tobacco available today will be envied. In time, people will be happy to get their hands on any halfway decent blend. It won't take too much either...
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    How Do You Pronounce Drucquer?

    It's Drewker or Drooker, but personally I'd soften the 'k' sound a little. Similar to how you'd pronounce the 'ch' in Glenfiddich. Maybe that's just the accent coming through though!
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    Hello from Scotland

    Hi there, I'm not too far from you (in the grand scheme of things!), I'm just outside of Aberdeen. People often start with Aromatics, but they aren't always the easiest to keep lit due to their toppings. It does just come down to practice at the end of the day, welcome to a hobby that's...
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    Bengal Slices Reviews, What Gives?

    Any thoughts on Bengal Slices vs Black Frigate? I can't decide which one I'm going to 'go deep' on.
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    What Tobacco Can't You Get in the UK?

    Glad you're all sorted out, I'm sure you'll have a grand time. I joined the KPC several years back, but I must admit to being lax in my communication with them. Between a busy few years of work and family life I've hardly had time to smoke, yet alone get out to the Bothies. That's a beautiful...
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    What Tobacco Can't You Get in the UK?

    Well I'm in Scotland, and the range is certainly less than you have from your local sponsors. If you have a look at some UK based sites like GQ, that should give you a pretty good idea of what is available. When I think of 'must haves' from the US, it's US grown VA or VA/PER blends and GLP...
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    Not Enjoying My Pipe Anymore.......Why?

    Hope things improve for you and that everything returns to normal after your course is finished. I know what it's like to lose your sense of taste and it's infuriating. I have always been bothered buy temperamental sinuses, suddenly they become irritated and I can't taste a thing. I have to pick...
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    I've Found True Love. Tell Me About Your First Love

    The first pipe tobacco that really blew me away was McClelland Beacon Extra. I'd never had a tobacco with such a large amount of Perique in it and it was love at first puff. That spicy fig/raisin flavour was amazing. I still have 2 tins stashed at the back of my cellar for some future special...
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    Calling All Lurkers: Speak Right Up

    Hey jpmcwjr, I live over on the NE of Scotland, near the coast. The tartan is Ancient Taylor, it's a little 'different' in it's coloring but since it's my family tartan I have learned to love it!
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    Calling All Lurkers: Speak Right Up

    I lurk a fair bit I guess. I'm from Scotland so I don't have regular access to a lot of the blends talked about on here and I can't afford to buy new pipes very often, so I don't really have that much to say. Happy to chime in when the topic of whisky comes up though!
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    McC 5100

    I think there needs to be a 'Pipe Smokers Mission Statement' that encompass what Cosmic wrote. Very well put. I have a jar with about 1lb 5100 that I'll smoke from every now and again over the next couple of years. There's nothing you can do about 5100 or any of the McClelland blends now. You...
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    Mac Baren VA #1: Whether You Like it or not - Read This

    I don't know how they can get this one so wrong, but their Pure Virginia Flake so right!
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    RIP: Vicar of Dibley Actress Emma Chambers Dies Aged Just 53.

    Yes, this is quite sad. I remember watching VoD through my early 20s.
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    I've Been Away for a While...Need Updates

    Someone needs to write a monthly sticky!
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    Mold or Magic ? Something Groweth in the Cellar

    I once threw away a lot of Rich Dark Flake because I mistakenly thought it was moldy. It still haunts me! That looks like plume or some other side effect of the ageing process. If it's not raised off the surface of the tobacco then it won't be mold.
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    Help Me Choose a Blend to Cellar for 18 Years as My Daughter Ages

    Have you ever tried GLP Quiet Nights? It is a very well balanced English imo and with a good bit of reg Virginia is should age really nicely. It is very much a favorite of mine. Don't be put off by the presence of perique, it's only a tiny pinch to add depth. The irony with the name of course is...
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    Lord of the Rings and Hobbit themed tobacco

    I find it funny that all the Middle Earth themed tobaccos seem to be heavily topped, whereas hobbits would probably care much more about the natural flavors of their carefully cultivated leaf. Much like Tolkien Himself, who mostly smoked VA flakes. Having said that, I have heard that he also...
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    P&C 2017 Discount Calendar

    Some very worthwhile discounts in there, wish these guys shipped overseas!