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  1. leparker

    Pipes & Cigars Father's Day discount

    Father's Day Discount
  2. leparker

    My new Eric Paulson

    Billard Nose Warmer
  3. leparker

    Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

    I am not a tobacco reviewer but this is the only tobacco I've smoked that I loved from the first bowl. It is mild and good for a smoke anytime of the day. Lot's of reviewer have said there was not enough perique in it but I smoke other blends for perique. This one I smoke for pure enjoyment.
  4. leparker

    I enjoy exploring new tobaccos here but I wish some giving reviews would stop using initials and give the complete blend name. And I know when I find what some are I'll go DUH. So what is DNR, PSBF, HHAK?
  5. leparker

    Made out like a bandit

    We are moving this weekend and my son came in from Charlotte to help. We began talking about pipes and he said he some pipes he'd try to sell on eBay. I never knew he'd smoked a pipe, I told him I'd buy from him. The subject changed and we went on to other things. We were cleaning out the...
  6. leparker


    I really like this picture...
  7. leparker

    Tripoli buffing wax

    I found an old estate pipe at an antique store. I blasted it with a very fine media and cleaned up the stem. I then buffed both with tripoli wax. Does this wax cause any problems with smoking the pipe?
  8. leparker

    I just realized...

    I've been exposed to first hand smoke, second hand smoke and third hand smoke. Oh no, I'm going to die (someday)! :(
  9. leparker

    One thing I've learned about tobacco blends!

    DONT GO BY FIRST IMPRESSIONS! In my short experience as a full time pipe smoker, of all the blends I've tried I've only found one I'll never smoke again, that was a sample aro from 4Noggins. It may taken a dozen bowls in various pipes to appreciate a blend.
  10. leparker

    My new Devil Anse

    Made by Eric Paulson, great little smoker. I ask Eric why he used the hypodermic tube for the tenon on this, he said because of the diameter of the shank. That was kind of DUH! question on my part but I'm learning. Next on the list.. Style: Billiard Nose Warmer Length: 3.6" Bowl: 1.6" h x...
  11. leparker

    What kind of pipe is this?

  12. leparker

    Pet peeves

    What are yours? Two of mine are: people too lazy to put shopping carts in the rack & drivers who don't put their lights on in the fog or near dark
  13. leparker

    Day to day tastes

    I wish I could know at the beginning of the day what going to taste good that day. I started the day with Royal Yacht, it taste like crap. I usually love it. Next went Escudo which I love, it tasted like crap. I then tried a bowl of Sutliff's Bosphorus cruise, it tasted great. Do others have...
  14. leparker

    Where do you live?

    I'm always interested where people live. I live a I little town named Weyers Cave in Virginia. It is about 10 miles south of Harrisonburg where James Madison University is located. There is a large Mennonite community, which varies from horse and buggy type to very liberal Mennonites. There is a...
  15. leparker

    Recommendations for Escudo smoker

    I am really beginning to like Escudo. What other tobaccos would you recommend similar to this?
  16. leparker

    I did it! I did it!

    I have finished listening to all the PIPES MAGAZINE radio show episodes! Man I was starting hear Brian's voice in my sleep, talk about nightmares. Since I'm in a car a lot I just hook the iPad up to the speakers and listened away. I am already to listen to tonight's show. There are several shows...
  17. leparker

    ZIPPO lighter

    When I smoked cigarettes I always used a brass Zippo lighter, had it for years. I gotta thinking I could get a pipe insert for it and use it on pipes. I contacted Zippo via email to see if I could buy a pipe insert only from them. They wrote me back and said to send to them and they will put the...
  18. leparker

    Private Messages

    OK, I'm getting notice of private messages via email. If I paste the link in after I've logged in it tells me I have to log in. Where do I go on website to see private messages, there are none under Notifications. Sometimes this site is hard to navigate.
  19. leparker

    Radio show episode #31 & reaming

    I've been catching up on the Radio Show and was listening to episode 31 where Brian talks about cleaning pipes. He says he will not use a reamer but chooses to use sandpaper instead, I've considered purchasing a reamer but the sandpaper idea sounds safer with a clean, smooth surface when...