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  1. ltstone

    Things You Hate About Pipe Smoking

    Tongue bite and palette fatigue. The discrimination about smoking and being lumped together with cigarette smokers.
  2. ltstone

    Ontario Canada members?

    My Girlfriend and I live between London and Woodstock. She used to live in Toronto and knows it well. We like to hang out at Havana Castle in London and Cape in Hagersville. Cigar Studio was a nice place in TO as well. Also we have a youtube Channel AromatiX.x where we do some beer , pipe...
  3. ltstone

    Billy Budd Blonde?

    I find Billy Budd Blond very similar to the Lovecraft series by C&D (Innsmouth , Miskatonic Mixture) . I made a quick video review for those interested.
  4. ltstone

    1776 Country Store , Vermont Maple

    Just wondering if anybody has tried 1776's Country Store or their Vermont Maple. both have cigar leaf and sound interesting.
  5. ltstone

    Looking for a Sweet VaPer

    This is probably what you want :) I did a video review of it here..
  6. ltstone

    Newbie Seeking Advice

    Mc VBC was the first aromatic where I went "this is it i taste what I smell". It has one of the best flavors out there but its on top of a very bland tobacco. Still i smoke it often and its smell always brings me back to that aha moment. :)
  7. ltstone

    Unable to Taste Flavour

    I have good days and bad days when it comes to taste.
  8. ltstone

    Best Blend With Burley and Latakia

    Patton's Dark and Stormy is an excellent Burley/Lat blend with some cigar leaf as well. The very nutty almost Carter Hall type burley is a sharp contrast to the smokey latakia and spicy cigar.
  9. ltstone

    Bad experience with tongue bite

    Wouldn't the stem get hot or even warm if the smoke was hot enough to burn your tongue?
  10. ltstone

    My Second Homemade Pipe

    Since its only my second pipe I've decided to leave as is. I'm happy with it and it will be fun to see what I think of it after my skills improve. Mso - Ill try a flake tomorrow Comoy#7 or maybe some Old Dark fired... And again guys thanks for the praise and opinions!
  11. ltstone

    Corn cob blah!!!!

    All my cobs smoked great fresh EXCEPT the last one which was a Country Gentleman. it was like the cob was not fully cured and the stain on the inside was rank. I now break difficult pipes in with a SG rope or Sutliff Frosty Mint that stuff covers over any smell haha.
  12. ltstone

    My Second Homemade Pipe

    I see what you guys mean about the shank being a little funky near the bowl, thinning it out would definitely make it look more normal but I kinda think the current look gives it a unique 70's danish kinda feel, not sure what I think about it.. mso - yeah I like the bit too, just needs to be...
  13. ltstone

    My Second Homemade Pipe

    Hey thanks for all the praise and criticism. More off the shank you say tschiraldi? I agree and will do. Shallow bowl but smokes great. Made myself sick last night smoking some SG Dark Birds Eye in it, yikes that stuff has some serious nicotine!
  14. ltstone

    What Music Are You Listening To? - May 2017

    Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time
  15. ltstone

    My Second Homemade Pipe

    Using a rejected briar block i attempted to make a tomato out of a lemon :)
  16. ltstone

    Tobaccos for a newbie

    Lane - maduro cavendish or McClellans Vanilla black Cavendish Pattons Storm Front (Burly with just a little cigar leaf) or Prince Albert Frog Morton Cellar or Presbyterian Autumn Evening (great red virginia with a maple topping), Lane RLP-6
  17. ltstone

    My First Pipe

    Anthony: I love your homemade pipes! Do you still have the pickax? How did it smoke? Also love your Sav320. I would like to try to make that style but where would I get a stem? Yes the block came pre-drilled.
  18. ltstone

    My First Pipe

    Ha, I did not make the stem. I ordered the briar from Vermont freehand and it came with the generic stem :) Thanks for all the nice words. I'll post some more pics when I get a chance. I am waiting for my wax to come so I can give it one more sand , stain and buff. First time ever really...
  19. ltstone

    Aromatic Vs. Non-Aromatic Tobacco

    Its probably just because the people more likely to review or discuss tobaccos have delved more deeply into the more complex tobacco. The casual aro smoker just doesn't see the need to say that Vanilla black cavendish has a great natural vanilla flavor on top of a neutral tasting leaf. BTW I...
  20. ltstone

    Some Recent Pipes Off The Bench

    Wow that rustication is great! I really like it on the last pipe.