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  1. daveinlax

    New York Pipe Show 2019

    Just a reminder that the 2019 New York Pipe Show is next Saturday. I’d encourage everyone in the area to attend! 8O March 9, 2019: New York Pipe Show, The Sam Barnett Memorial & 27th ANNUAL PIPE CONVENTION SHOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC @ 10:00 AM (Exhibitor Set up @ 8 AM) LOCATION: WYNDHAM NEWARK...
  2. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe Bill Kotyk

    Sad News via JP Seiler on Facebook that my buddy the well known pipe collector Bill Kotyk passed away yesterday. I knew of Bill and his collection before I met him 20 some years ago but we spent many happy nights sitting in smoke filled hotel rooms over the years. The last was time at last...
  3. daveinlax

    MSP Area GNPC Show/Swap Sunday April, 22nd 2018

    The Great Northern Pipe Clubs Pipe Show/Swap is coming up Sunday April, 22nd 2018 I plan on attending and I hope if you're in the area you join me at this fun event! 8O Sunday, April 22nd 2018 12:00 pm - 5:00...
  4. daveinlax

    Your Year in Pipes 2107

    I haven't seen a Year in Review thread here yet so I'll start on and see if it takes. I had another big year. I just wish I had something to sell to help finance it. I added many new pipes, tampers and other stuff including a Castello walking stick to the collection from eBay and from pipe...
  5. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe Joe Harb

    Sad to report that I learned Joe Harb passed away recently. Many of you know Joe from his Tobacco Reviews in Pipes and Tobacco's Magazine. I went back with him over 20 years via the #Pipes Chat group and later as Brothers in The Milwaukee Area Pipe Society that he was founding member of. He was...
  6. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe Tony "Mr. Can" Soderman

    I'm sad to report that noted Twin Cities Attorney, Sportsman, Pipe Collector and Friend Tony Soderman passed away. He was an amazing man. RIP Happier times with Tony with our club at my house in 2012 and 13
  7. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe Keith Fry

    I received the sad news that well known Pipe Collector Keith Fry Passed away. Keith was a longtime Wisconsin collector who was active in the hobby and a pipe show regular. The last time I visited with Keith was in Chicago a couple of years ago where he told me stories of his pipe travels...
  8. daveinlax

    MSP Area Pipe Show/Swap Next Sunday 4/10/16

    The Great Northern Pipe Clubs Pipe Show/Swap is next Sunday April, 10th 2016 8O 1:00 to 6:00 at the American Legion Post 39 2678 East 7th Ave. North St. Paul, MN 55109
  9. daveinlax

    Broken Hawkbill Mike McCain

    Sad news to report via JP Seiler, the long time shape 84 collector Mike McCain aka #donkeynut passed away at 64. His very focused collection inspired many guys to go down this very rewarding collecting path. He was a really good guy and I really enjoyed the many times we spent chatting at shows...
  10. daveinlax

    MSP Area Pipe Show/Swap

    The Great Northern Pipe Club will be holding their 2015 Pipe Show and Swap on Sunday April 12th 2015! I spoke with Tony "Mr Can" Soderman last night and he told me there will be smoking area conveniently located just off the show floor. 8O
  11. daveinlax

    2014 Coulee Region Pipe Party Report

    My wife and I hosted the 2014 Coulee Region Area Pipe Smokers (CRAPS) pipe party July 26th. We had weather and a good turn out of members, friends and honored guests from the Milwaukee Area Pipe Society and The Great Northern Pipe Club along with a few spouses. Our clubs Founder/President Adam...
  12. daveinlax

    Belated Chicago Haul And After

    The CPCC show is long over but I've been crazy busy and haven't looked through my bags till today. I had a great show the usual highlight being time spent hanging out with the gang at dinner and a nightly smoke filled room with guys who share my love of collecting pipes. I picked up 5 Castello...
  13. daveinlax

    MSP Area GNPC Show/Swap

    This is a great new date and location. I've heard that the heated smoking area is handy to the show room. This is a smaller show but I always attend this event and have a good time, this new place should work out well. Come hungry and thirsty! 8O Annual Pipe Swap We are pleased to host our...
  14. daveinlax

    Belated Coulee Region Event Report

    Better late than never?? Anyway, my wife and I hosted the Coulee Region Area Pipe Club's Summer Get-Together on Sat. July 27th.I always fear a brutally hot and humid day but we had the opposite with fall like, unseasonal cold with a few very brief light showers. Despite the weather we welcomed a...
  15. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe Bill Unger

    Very sad news coming from NASPC's Facebook page. RIP Bill, a good person. North American Society of Pipe Collectors It is with great sorrow that the North American Society of Pipe Collectors announces the passing of its longtime Secretary/treasurer Bill Unger. Bill passed away quietly on January...
  16. daveinlax

    CPCC 2011 Report

    I'm sure Kevin will get us a insider look at the show soon but in the meantime I'll share my report. The 2011 CPCC show is in the books. In these challenging times for smokers the show committee does a outstanding job in putting on a great show. The dealers I know had good shows even without...