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  1. lightxmyfire

    How Beautiful

    I agree we're all nerds for sure. I do the same, opening and sniffing jars all the time, looking at the leaves and flakes. @chasingembers the ash too! anyone ever noticed how anything with some age on it will get little patches of orange or brown ash mixed in with the usual grey/white/black?
  2. lightxmyfire

    Pipe Mud Question

    give it a few more days dry time, maybe even set it in the sun in a window so it gets a little extra heat. It took mine about 6 days to fully dry. And then give it some smokes, it will harden right up and be great.
  3. lightxmyfire

    Forever Stems

    Well that worked like a charm! Thanks Embers! I must confess I didn’t have pure beeswax I had a knob of archery bow string wax, a mix of beeswax and pine resin. Worked great!
  4. lightxmyfire

    Forever Stems

    I have a question about how to get a tight forever stem to fit into the shank of my already smoked legend. I just got the stem and it came with a little card that said to smoke it witch will fix the fit. My question is, do I get the tight stem in as far as I can and then smoke it, and once...
  5. lightxmyfire

    My Greeting to Everybody

    Welcome from the Washington DC area!
  6. lightxmyfire

    Pipe Mud Question

    I was worried about this too, and the cigar ash did; on the first smoke, add a little hint of cigar, but I haven't detected it again since the second, third, fourth... you get the point. Also, the empty pipe itself doesn't smell like cigar or cigar ash either! So far I'm very happy with the results!
  7. lightxmyfire

    Hi Y'all!

    Welcome from the D.C. area!
  8. lightxmyfire

    Watch City Vs Peretti Blends: What Are Your Favorites?

    Haven’t tried any of either of their blends but I’ve been considering some! so I’ll be watching this thread for peoples insight! Thanks for starting it! Also interested in the Boston vs Boston aspect here, rare as it seems to have two great blenders in the same town these days!
  9. lightxmyfire

    What Do You Think About Ken Byron Blends?

    I dont disagree with what you’re saying! I in fact totally agree! Though I feel I should clarify my position. I myself don’t take issue with using existing blends, and augmenting them, that’s great, and a great way to innovate in this climate, if done well, and I honestly think he has made some...
  10. lightxmyfire

    What Do You Think About Ken Byron Blends?

    I've tried a few of his blends, namely, VEO, Dark Fired Cheery, Live Wire, River of Deceit, Moriarty, and Pork Chops which was a sample from a kind person on the forum here. I've got Byronic slices, Mountains of Madness, and Raven's Eyes that I haven't tried. I will say that I've enjoyed the...
  11. lightxmyfire

    I Know This Has Been Done Before...

    Old photo, but this is my favorite pipe at the moment. Rusticated BST pot, smokes like a dream and I love the look and feel. Jesus my hair was short just a year ago, thanks 2020.
  12. lightxmyfire

    Top Five RYO Tobaccos

    I haven’t rolled in a long time but I too used to enjoy drum. My wife has been rolling a bit here and there recently and is keen on the PS Amsterdam Shag, I used really enjoy the PS English export I believe it was called. I remember it being smooth, good flavor, and easy to roll. Might pick...
  13. lightxmyfire

    Best Bourbon For An Old Fashion?

    I’ve got no qualms using really high quality stuff in cocktails. I like to think of it as the better ingredients you use the better the drink is. A cocktail is its own thing, a sum of parts. You’re not “wasting” wagyu by making it into a burger you’re just making a really kick ass burger, that...
  14. lightxmyfire

    Amazed by the Generosity of Forum Members

    Amazing! Yeah this place is truly special. I have experienced much kindness and generosity from other members and always feel welcome. I look forward to being able to pay it forward myself. This place has been a heart warming beacon when times are tough! Very happy to be here! Thanks ya’ll!
  15. lightxmyfire

    Does A Full VaPer Exist?

    +1 for Hal o’ the Wynd, there is also GLP Fillmore which I found to be pretty full! there is a lot of perique in that one and I think a splash of Latakia which doesn’t lend much flavor but makes the body more full.
  16. lightxmyfire

    Corn Cobs

    My Wife is a professional cellist and I can confirm that smoking the 1st Bach Suite is a nice place to start but the 6th is where it’s really at!
  17. lightxmyfire

    Best Bourbon For An Old Fashion?

    Woodford reserve distillers select is a great choice for mixing and drinking straight. I usually prefer bourbons for old fashions and rye for manhattans. Bulliet is also a great choice their 10 year bourbon is quite good.
  18. lightxmyfire

    Corn Cobs

    I do the same but with the little alcohol swab/prep pads you can buy from CVS or rite aid. I only do it maybe once a month or so. How often do you guys wipe em out?
  19. lightxmyfire

    A Little Help on Moistness?

    I wanted to add that part about picking up your tobacco and feeling often it as you dry it, is something I do all the time. My wife likely thinks I'm nuts while there is a little pile of tobacco drying on the counter or table and every time I walk by I pinch it and put it back down, until...
  20. lightxmyfire

    A Little Help on Moistness?

    I pretty much second everything @jerseysam said above about packing. Took me a while to get a feel for it too, but I've now moved away from any of the "three pack" methods and now I just gravity fill, few taps of the bowl on the palm, give it a gentle push juuusst until there is a little...