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  1. sjfine

    The Only Other Pipe Smoker on the North Fork

    The North Fork of Long Island has been a (sorta) second home for me since my divorce, 16 years ago. I moved out here about 3 years ago to take custody of my daughter. In all that time, I have never seen another pipe smoker. I'm sure there are some, I just haven't seen any. Then, while waiting...
  2. sjfine

    Boxes of Tobacco

    How long will a 1.5lb box of PS LNF (for example) last without jarring?
  3. sjfine

    White Whale Slipping Away

    I just turned 50. And, not having scoured eBay for a while, I decided to see what was out there. And, like a sign from above (in which I do not believe), my freaking White Whale appears for sale. The very pipe that I just may commit a crime to possess. And I will not be able to afford it. So...
  4. sjfine

    SP's (Not So) Subtle Hinting

    I just received an order from SP which included a ten-pack of Lon's pipe cleaners. They also sent a "promo pack" of 6 Brigham "Quality" pip cleaners. Think they are trying to tell me something?
  5. sjfine

    A Passion for Pipes is no more

    Neill Archer Roan has, "after a long deliberation," decided to take down his site, A Passion for Pipes. Another sad day for pipe smokers.
  6. sjfine

    PS Luxury Twist Flake

    I am trying to let this grow on me. I don't hate it. but I'm not in love. Can someone identify the think I am not able to put my finger on about LTF? It isn't vanilla, or caramel, or citrus... What the hell is that?
  7. sjfine

    My Purple Post

    For my Purple Post, I want to say that I would never have learned so much about, nor enjoyed so well, smoking a pipe, had I not found this group of people. Thank you all.
  8. sjfine

    SorringOwl Coin Purse

    I just received a custom coin purse from SorringOwl. I don't like carrying my day's-supply of coins in a regular pouch; they are too big for the job, in my opinion. I have other examples of his work, both pipe-related and otherwise. I cannot be happier with Frank and his work. He is a pleasure...
  9. sjfine

    I am a Natural Born Smoker

    I have no real point to make with this thread. I have no question to ask. I only mean to tell a story, I suppose. I have always been a smoker. I fist tried cigarettes when I was about 5 years old. The girl who lived behind us stole a pack of her father's camels, and we lit up in a tent in her...
  10. sjfine

    Constantly Betrayed by Drinkless

    I own four Kaywoodies Drinkless pipes. Since day one, and without fail, each of these pipes gurgle when I smoke them. This is true no matter the tobacco, moisture level, temperature in the room (or outside), or cadence (and, I sip). I suspect that it is a function of the fact that the stinger is...
  11. sjfine

    Bit Size and Shape Preference

    I have not seen much discussion about preferred sizes and shapes of your bits. I tend to like thin bits that are not much wider, if at all, than the stem width. In general, do you care? If so, is it about aesthetics, or is is your preference based on something else, like, say, how hard you clench?
  12. sjfine


    Last night I had a dream that I dropped and broke my Radice GO bent bulldog. Oddly specific, right? Weird.
  13. sjfine

    My Favorites

    I have 13 "fgavorite" threads, but when I go to my "favorites" I can only see a list of current threads with the option to add them to the list. Does anyone know where my actual list is?
  14. sjfine

    MSNBC's Home page 10.5.15

    Check out MSNBC's home page today (the floods-in-the-South story-photo).
  15. sjfine

    Cavdendish = Aromatic?

    Does the mere inclusion of Cavendish an aromatic make? Cavendish is a process, I know, and an aromatic is topped, right? But since there are so many crossovers, I wonder what the purists think.
  16. sjfine

    Why Columbo Smoked Cigars

    "I hope you don't mind if I light my cigar. Most women don't like cigars. My wife prefers a pipe, but I could never get used to those things. Too much to carry around with you." - Columbo in Prescription Murder (1968)
  17. sjfine

    FMC, Latakia, and Me

    I just tried my first bowl of FMC, my first bowl of anything with latakia in it really. Well, that's not entirely true. When I first picked up the hobby, I was told to try some mild English blends, and I did. But the way I was smoking back then, I might as well have been smoking toxic waste, so...
  18. sjfine

    The Noble Eightfold Path is Not Helping

    PAD is wholly inconsistent with The Middle Way. So is poverty. Another White Whale
  19. sjfine

    Stupid Pipe Invention From the Past

    Double Stemmed Pipe
  20. sjfine

    Few things ruin my day more than...

    ...seeing one of my "white whales" listed on eBay and knowing that there is just no way it is going to happen. A beautiful Becker