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  1. daveinlax

    Father The Flame Movie

    I was actively involved with the hobby though out the process and I really wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed and was moved by the film. 🤓
  2. daveinlax

    Radice Walking Stick Limited Edition Pipe

    Yeah, I wish it had a pipe! I know Dunhill had waking stick pipes. I’ve saved a search on eBay for one at the right price. 🤓
  3. daveinlax

    Anyone Here Have Solar On Their Home?

    At one time we thought of leasing a system for our home in SoAZ but but the state/utilities lowered the credits to where it not worth the pita to us anymore. It think the solar farms make more sense for the utilities now. 🤓
  4. daveinlax

    Liability Umbellar Insurance Policies.

    LoL! Yeah, "poor" 'ol me!🤓
  5. daveinlax

    What About Hand Feel?

    Love the feel of a big chunky Sea Rock or Shell Briar billiard in my hand. 🤓
  6. daveinlax

    It’s Officially The 10th Here In NZ...

    LoL Brownie! 🤓
  7. daveinlax

    What Is Your GoTo Lighter?

    I'd be smiling too! Love all things Dunhill, the box is a big plus for me. The flints might have gone bad but I love the little "coke" vile. Love the Hammered finish in silver and the Florentine is a favorite finish of mine. They look good with the Dunhill Dress Pipe. Check out the Rollagas...
  8. daveinlax

    What Do You Do With Your Used Glass Jars?

    I just refill them with the same tobacco. I would not want to risk washing them. 🤓
  9. daveinlax

    We Purchased A Travel Trailer. Any RVers Willing To Help Out A Newbie?

    My usual advice is to get as small a trailer as you can. I really like your’s! 🤓
  10. daveinlax

    What Is Your GoTo Lighter?

    Dunhill Rollagas angled flame Pipe Lighters from the collection! 🤓
  11. daveinlax

    How Do You Spend Your Evenings?

    I love this time of year when things slow down in the fall we usually settle in to watch TV or Movies. Last night we face timed with our new baby Granddaughter for about an hour otherwise Mrslax knits and Facebook's and I noddle on my phone or computer "researching" pipes, Facebook, Instagram...
  12. daveinlax

    Debate Preparation 😊

    Most of the time when a post starts with a qualifier like "Not Looking to Stir the Pot" I read "I'm Looking to Stir the pot.🤓
  13. daveinlax

    Which Forum Member Do You Want To Meet?

    I was going to introduce myself and say hi to a member at a show a couple of years ago but I didn't want to interrupt the conversation he was having with the voices in his head. No, he didn't have an bluetooth earpiece in. 🤓
  14. daveinlax

    Copper Roofing Nail Tampers

    A few years ago I had a blacksmith forge me two styles of pipe nails. 🤓
  15. daveinlax

    Any Jerry Lewis Fans Here?

    Jerry Lee’s pipes were all burned out on one side. These look they they were in good condition! 🤓
  16. daveinlax

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from a Very Disappointed Vikings fan from across the river in southwestern Wisconsin. If you’re in the MSP area be sure to check out the Great Northern Pipe Club when things get back to normal. 🤓
  17. daveinlax

    Opening The Draw On A Cigar

    I keep a long precision screwdriver at hand for opening up tight cigars. 🤓
  18. daveinlax

    Tamper Talk

    Castello Tampers from the collection! 🤓
  19. daveinlax

    Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine

    It was Dayton Matlick who published tobacco and other trade journals. P&T was a labor of love and his gift to the hobby.🤓
  20. daveinlax

    Lip Burns?

    That what I was thinking. I know some guys can’t tolerate the sulfur in old vulcanite especially if it’s oxidized. 🤓