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    Tub storage to jar or not to jar.

    Looking at picking up some midtown series tubs. I just got some chatom manor I am used to tubs being sealed cans and this one was a plastic screwtop with plastic seal. Currently smoking it so I don't plan jar that one but my question is should I jar them up if I plan to cellar more for a rainy...
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    Ennerdale flake well i like lakelands I guess.

    So I am dipping my toes into the lakeland pond so to speak. Just finished my first bowl of ennerdale flake. so que up all the dead grandma comments. But to me its more like a earl grey tea taste. The bag scent reminded me of fruit gum which is weird but whatever. I of course bought I cob to...
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    Pipe journey

    My pipe Journey My Pipe journey started in the summer of 2003. I was an occasional cigar smoke up until this point but being a poor college student well the cigars were a little pricey being 5-10 dollars for the ones I enjoyed. Anyway one faithful day at the tinderbox debating on what cigar I...
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    Mixture 79?

    Ok I kind of figured it's become something of a running gag on the forum. how did it start? I don't get it. I assume it's a vile blend that for some reason keeps being around.