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    pipe went through washing machine

    Hi all, I left a pipe in my shirt pocket and somehow got missed and got put into washing machine. Whats best way to dry and will it effect to pipe, ie make it taste sour etc. My girlfriend thought she was doing me a favour by doing my washing. Pipe was a Hilson . Cheers all.
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    First New Dr Grabow

    Hi all, Well I just purchased my first Dr Grabow.I have 2 old 60's one's . Silver duke bulldog and a one I camt remember as not with me to check. So I purchssed a straight Riviera and really can't complain.Its a filter pipe so I just usually roll up some paper and use as filter. (1 time use).I...
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    3 Friars tobacco, not too sure yet about it.

    Hi all, I ordered a few oz of 3 Friars and my first bowl seemed ok. Now after a few days tried it again and not too sure I like it. Would the pipe im using affect the taste or maybe its just not for me. Cheer Paulie.
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    Stanwell 683

    Hi all? O pocked ip a Stanwell 683 amd thinking of getting rid of it. If I was to put on ebay what would be a fair price. I think I paid about $60us for it. Ots in excellent condition eoth no marks on stem. Assume ots from early 60's as doesnt have crown above S on stem. Cheers all. P