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  1. dermotfahy

    Ye Olde Box Pass

    Whatever happened to the box pass? Did some dire, but unforeseen tragedy befall that battered old cardboard package? Or, was it the dastardly hand of foul play that brought about the untimely end of a cherished, if a bit eccentric, institution? More to the point, is there any movement towards...
  2. dermotfahy

    Good Vanilla Aromatics

    What are the best vanilla aromatics? Specifically ones without PPG. I have tried several, but have yet to find one with any flavor.
  3. dermotfahy

    Warhorse Plug Resurrection

    What happened to the Warhorse Plug project? I hope it's still moving forward.
  4. dermotfahy

    A Review Of Lane Era Edgeworth Ready Rubbed.

    As I write this I am wishing fervently that I had lifted the rest of the Edgeworth from the Box Pass. It is wonderful, especially if you like chocolate or fig newtons. It so happens that I like both. After the charring light it is initially fairly tasteless, other than an elusive, somewhat...
  5. dermotfahy

    How Many Pipe Shows Are There?

    Up until a few weeks ago, the only pipe shows I knew about were the Richmond and Chicago shows. Now I find out that there is a West Coast pipe show in Las Vegas, a Kansas City show, and a New Orleans show. What other pipe shows are there? And how large are they?
  6. dermotfahy

    Bringing Tobacco Back From Europe

    What are the limits on quantity of pipe tobacco that I can bring back from Europe to the US without paying duty?
  7. dermotfahy

    Esoterica Tobacciana

    What are your favorite Esoterica Tobacciana blends and why?
  8. dermotfahy

    The Only Walk-In Humidor in Ireland?

    I was at the Peterson website, ( and I see that they lay claim to having the only walk in humidor in the whole of Ireland! It seems to be a rather small one as well. Can anyone confirm this? Does Ireland really only have one?
  9. dermotfahy

    Help dating a Dunhill Shell.

    Could someone tell me the date of this pipe?
  10. dermotfahy

    Pipe Friendly Health Insurance.

    What insurance companies, in your experience, have been the most pipe smoker friendly? Lowest penalties, allowing more bowls per day/week before you are counted as a smoker?
  11. dermotfahy

    Over/Underrated Actors/Actresses

    Which actors and actresses do you feel have been overrated or underrated?
  12. dermotfahy

    Favorite Films

    What are your favorite Films? A list of 5 or 10 maybe?
  13. dermotfahy

    Favorite Actors/Actresses

    What are your top actors and actresses? Maybe a list of your ten favorite of each?
  14. dermotfahy

    What Music Do You Listen to While Smoking?

    Wondering what music (If any) you tend to gravitate to while smoking? A genre perhaps, or maybe individual artists that you enjoy. For instance, I generally listen to Romantic era classical music, but occasionally I will put on some Big Band swing, or an LP of Deanna Durbin on the turntable. If...
  15. dermotfahy

    Cerillos Maya Cactus Quill Matches

    Does anyone know where it is possible to purchase these matches?
  16. dermotfahy

    GBD Question.

    I bought a pipe at an antique store a few months ago, I originally thought it said "DIGE" on the side, but now that I have cleaned it up it actually says: "D/GB London" and on the other side "Made in England 9438". Is this a GBD or not? And, if so, about what age do you think it is?
  17. dermotfahy


    Is a Custombilt a good pipe?
  18. dermotfahy


    Anyone tried the the new re-release of Capstan tobaccos? I am especially interested in the Blue Mixture.
  19. dermotfahy

    What about Swensson?

    What can you tell me about Swensson* High Class Briar pipes? *That is how it is spelled on the pipe.
  20. dermotfahy

    Flavorful Tobacco

    What are the most flavorful tobaccos that you have smoked? Non aromatic preferably.