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  1. archerdarkpint

    Pipe Spotting

    Southern Maryland...walking through the parking lot of local Walmart, spotted gentleman in a convertible (top down) lighting up a pipe. Called over..."Hey! A pipe too." He nodded, waved and gave me the thumbs up. I travel quite a bit for my job (hence why I rarely post) and if I...
  2. archerdarkpint

    Excellent Video - Pipe Making In China - You Tube

    In the event you have not seen this video on You Tube, it's a thumbnail documentary on pipe maker, "Chen of Leizhou" in China. Provides an overview of his story and highlights his cultural and vocational struggles to become a pipe maker and now pipe making instructor. No affiliation mind you...
  3. archerdarkpint

    Happening Upon An Old Flame...An Observation

    About 12 or so years ago, when I first started smoking a pipe, I bought two large tins of CAO/DAN Sweet Vanilla Honeydew in the 100g containers. If I recall, I liked the blend, but it burned hot, seemed to be over-cased or topped and was truthfully, kind of cloying. After smoking the first...
  4. archerdarkpint

    Pipe Smoking, Tobacco Then and Now?

    When I was introduced to pipe smoking back in 1998, I started with a blend recommended by a tobacconist in the town where I was stationed in Germany. He went way above and beyond...sold me the pipe, tamper, cleaners, pouch, leather pipe case and tobacco at a introductory price...he was looking...