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  1. jacks6

    P&C's Latest Facebook Marketing Campaign

    Let's use an outdated meme / bad joke to gain some new customers. Let's see if this photo actually posts. I seem to recall having troubles last time.. The comments on Facebook are pretty funny.
  2. jacks6

    Where To Go From Here? Removing Stem Oxidization Manually

    I'm attempting to clean up an oxidized stem on an estate pipe without tools. I've read through many opinions here and I'm trying to figure out where to go next. I find it interesting to do this manually and document the progress. The first thing I tried was placing the stem in water that had...
  3. jacks6

    Sam Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Does anyone know a site that has this in stock anywhere? I ordered from a not very reputable retailer and ended up getting stiffed on my purchase. I was surprised since they were previously recommended in this forum for their house blends. This is the only straight Virginia that I've really...
  4. jacks6

    Dr. Grabow Viking

    I've recently become enamored with this style of pipe (Viking, Falcon, etc). I was especially excited to find one today in an antique shop on my travels. This will be the first in my collection. My question to my fellow pipers - what year did Dr Grabow stop making these and is it difficult to...
  5. jacks6

    Manual Labor

    So, after being unemployed for several months I'm finally relieved to be in a new job that I enjoy. While I unfortunately don't have as much time to spend on the forum it does give me opportunities to smoke my pipe. I'm on the road quite a bit and when I'm not driving my job is now very...
  6. jacks6

    The Life Of A Pipe Smoker

    Let's try to put a little bit of humor back into this forum.... I think we can all relate :lol:
  7. jacks6

    What the heck?!

    Where did Coyote go? There's no trace of him anymore?
  8. jacks6

    Met Another Pipe Smoker

    I have a pretty great story for today. There's this fella that comes into my local watering hole and will nurse a can of beer for a few hours while he smokes cigs. I've noticed him several times and wondered if he were homeless and was hanging out to get out of the heat. He's quiet, keeps to...
  9. jacks6

    Eva Green Smoking A Pipe In The New Tim Burton Film

    Apparently this is from the new Tim Burton film "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" :wink:
  10. jacks6

    DisneyLand Pipe Tobacco

    I came across this photo and thought it was quite neat. I can't imagine Disney being in the pipe tobacco business these days! I wonder when they stopped selling and who produced these blends for them?
  11. jacks6

    P&C Summer Sale Banner

    I know there are some great deals in their summer sale but I was just looking at the banner and noticed they're advertising items as low as .99 cent. What the heck on there is 99 cent?
  12. jacks6

    25% Off All Pipe Tobacco @ Mars Cigars

    Good Morning. I woke up to receive this notification in my inbox. Let's give these guys some business! :puffy:
  13. jacks6

    2016 Christmas Cheer In Stock

    Hey guys. I know I wasn't the only one looking for CC so I wanted to share the love. I found some 2016 still in stock at Iwan Ries. 2016 Christmas Cheer
  14. jacks6

    Massacra - A Death Metal Masterpiece

    I had the good fortune of DeathMetal sending me a sample of about 3 bowls of Massacra (and Aiwass) a few months ago. Today, I've finished the last of it and felt inspired to write my first tobacco review ever. First of all - this blend arrives ready to smoke right out of the bag. I loaded up my...
  15. jacks6

    Best Burley / Perique blends

    So I'm finding that I'm REALLY loving Chenet's Cake and I don't have enough burley forward blends with a significant amount of perique. Any suggestions? What would I call this? ... BurPer?
  16. jacks6

    Check out What's New from the Captain..

    Captain Black Grape
  17. jacks6

    Nashville Pipe Show Cancelled

    Nashville Pipe Show Announcement I can't copy and paste the text but not great news :( I heard this was a good show.
  18. jacks6

    Brown Sugar Flake Fail

    So, I was super stoked to try this blend. I picked up two tins when it came out and this has been - by far - the most frustrating tobacco I've tried to smoke. I've tried it with about 30 minutes drying time - fail. Tried it with 1 day of drying time and rubbing out the flake - fail. Tried it...
  19. jacks6

    Kansas City Pipe Show

    I haven't heard much about this one - did anyone go? Anything cool to report back? Pictures?
  20. jacks6

    Father's Day Specials?

    Doesn't P&C usually run a good deal on pipe tobacco on Father's Day? I'm kind of disappointed I haven't seen anything yet. I know SP has 10% off on pipes. Do they usually put up Father's Day sales later in the evening?