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  1. lohengrin

    Pipe 'n Bikes

    If you enjoy both pipes and motorcycles, like me, watch this video:
  2. lohengrin

    International Pipe Smoking Day

    I received a mail from a Polish seller that I could not understand because written in his language. Anyway it was accompanied by this logo. Does anybody knows something about it?
  3. lohengrin

    Found a Kemperling Pipe

    I found this pipe in a thrift shop. The company is Kemperling established in Vienna on 1834. It's an unsmoked souvenir briar pipe with the writing "Innsbruck" and carved edelweiss flowers. For 5 bucks I thought it was worth buying.
  4. lohengrin

    Anyone Knows Jolly Roger Pipes?

    Nomen omen
  5. lohengrin

    An Interesting Shape

    I saw this pipe (already sold out) on an Italian site: It is a Vauen Enzian. They call this shape: Tyrolean. Here is the site's page: Did some of you experienced this kind of pipe?
  6. lohengrin

    Got a Drilling Problem (Technical Question)

    First I drilled the chamber of a new pipe with a drill press. After, I started to drill the airhole with a 3 mm. bit. While drilling, I realized that the bit did not perforate any more and discovered that it was broken inside the hole. The picture shows the broken bit on the drilled path. The...
  7. lohengrin

    Somebody Knows This Lighter?

    I saw this lighter at at a thrift shop. Does anyone knows if it is an old object or just a chinese junk? Sorry for the pictures' quality.
  8. lohengrin

    This is Not a Pipe

    Every now and then we see some pipes similar to something else than a pipe (we have an example right now on another thead). It is not as easy to find an object that looks like a pipe. Here is a "green lamp" that could be smoked! You can get details here...
  9. lohengrin

    Made an All Briar Pipe: Kazaguruma

    These are the first pictures of my last pipe, sanded with micro-mesh 12000 and still to be polished with carnauba wax. You will understand why I choosed this japanese name when i'll post the next pictures after finished.
  10. lohengrin

    Just a Test

  11. lohengrin

    Which Shape of Pipe Matches your Face?

    Sometimes we find a hat, glasses or dress that we like, but when wearing it we find out it doesn't look good with our face or body. I never choose my pipes caring about it, but I made an experiment "wearing" my pipes front of a mirror and understood that bent biliard is the shape that looks...
  12. lohengrin

    Picture loading Test (Don't Read)

    Sorry, but I am trying to load pictures with the new Imgur's system. I just wanna check if picures appear.
  13. lohengrin

    Made My First Ramses Pipe

    Here are the pictures of my first Ramses pipe. I was not ready for such a work, but the briar block's wiew was so inviting that I tried and achieved this shape. I don't have yet appropriate lights and camera to show the real beauty of the grain so you just have to imagine it.
  14. lohengrin

    Art in Pipes

    I think many of you will agree that some pipes are real woks of art, not just the result of manufacturing skill or original ideas. In my opinion several pipes from Tom Eltang, for example, are true pieces of art. Here I'm showing an instance of what I mean. Apart the subject, we can like it...
  15. lohengrin

    Made a New Pipe (Need Information From More Skilled Pipemakers)

    The pipe: I wanted to enhance the briar grain that displayed nice birdseye and flame sides so I choosed this particular shape with two flat plates for the birdseyes and a cylindrical shape for the flame. I made this peculiar style with two plates that are not on the same axis cause the...
  16. lohengrin

    Show Your Favourite Comfo Pipes

    All of us have favourite pipes. I understood my favourite pipes have some common features: design, smoking quality, comfort and convenience. The first I'm showing is a Stanwell Royal Rouge 190 It is a not expensive, rather light pipe. The design (from Tom Eltang) is classic with a touch of...
  17. lohengrin

    Made An Ugly Pipe: "Shattered Dream"

    This was the original briar I was preparing for my St. Patrick's Day pipe Unfortunately I missed in drilling both holes: while drilling the chamber the vise moved and I got a wider out of place hole. When I drilled the shank I completely get wrong direction and pierced out of the shank! A...
  18. lohengrin

    Anyone Know This Pipe?

    I found this pipe in a thrift shop. The name printed on the back is "Ducale". I think it was made in Italy. I could not find informations about this company. Does anybody has some news about it and its age?
  19. lohengrin

    Made a New Pipe: Garden's Secret

    I wanted to manufacture a pipe similar to a plant or a leaf. I decided to use a bamboo shank and a green stain to increase the likeness. Here is the pipe in an appropriate location: I cut the shape from the same block of my last work shown in this forum: Ufortunately, after the picture in...