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    Okanogan Fires

    This picture was taken about 20 miles from my parents home. Luckily they were at my home during the most dangerous part of the fire, but decided to go back this morning. The fire burnt within a mile of their home. Please pray for our fire fighters and for rain.
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    Aunt Lynnie is Here!

    The last couple of months haven't been easy. Between the fire hazards and convincing my elderly parents that it was time to go into assisted living (they're in their early 90s for Pete's sake!) Life has been complicated. So, when it was time to go on our family camping trip to the ocean, I was...
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    Every Year . . .

    I go thru this every year. Where are the Peterson summer blends? I realize I'm not the most patient of men, but it's August! I've already received some of my Christmas blends.
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    Contest 3rd place winner!

    First of all, a BIG thank you to Smokingpipes and! Just received my package today that contained a Savinelli t-shirt and tins of Autumn Evening and Five O'clock Shadow. Can hardly wait to try both of them. Thanks again, I appreciate it!
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    Ready to Evacuate

    Washington is known for it's rain, except this year. We've had no rain for over 6 weeks on top of a very dry spring, so we are as dry as a popcorn fart. Add to the mix the 4 th of July and for those of us living in forest settings, we're sitting in a tinderbox. In preparation of a possible...
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    You Want Odies!

    I've been trying to find an effective new way to refinish pipe bowls that wasn't labor intensive but gave great results. I'm lucky enough to live within a few miles of a great woodworking store that has very helpful people. After I explained what I was trying to accomplish, they told me, "you...
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    Received My Hat Pin Today!

    As usual, Michael did an outstanding job! I decided it looked better on my felt rather than my Panama. Thanks Michael.
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    Cosmic Hits A Homerun!

    For my 45th wedding anniversary, my wife told me to make arrangements for a new stem and band on a Comoy Trend 225 that I had picked up. The pipe is a beaut, but the stem wasn't the original and fit poorly. It also had a horrible peach colored band. Both contributed to a very reasonable...
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    Sometimes You Just Get Lucky!

    This little guy was on the bay with poor pictures and a poor description. What the heck, I bid $6.00 ($2.95 shipping) and walked away knowing that someone else would win. It turned out that I was the only bidder. It's a Kaywoodie Fineline from the 60's. Yes, I know my pool is dirty, it's...
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    Sargent Preston of the Yukon

    Had a relapse of the cold-flu virus going around. Since daytime tv usually consists of cooking, home decorating and shopping channels, Imagine my delight when I stumbled across Sargent Preston! It was totally hokey, poor acting, bad sets, and totally believable to a little boy in the 50's...
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    So, What Do You Smoke After Eating . .

    I ask this question in all ignorance. What do you smoke after eating corned beef and cabbage, or Mexican, Chinese, Italian food? My regular ritual for St. Patrick's Day is to have a bowl (or two) and a couple of beers before dinner. I've never had a pipe after dinner - I'm just too full. The...
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    I'm Offended!

    I am tired of someone, anyone, everyone being offended! I'm American - 1/4 Lakota, 1/4 Irish, and 1/2 German. There's something in there to be offended about I'm sure, so what? Being "offended" is a way to control people's behavior or speech. Our very hobby of pipe smoking offends the...
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    Uploading From a iPad

    OK, I admit I am not a techie. The fact that I bought an iPad and can actually use it is remarkable. I was able to upload pictures when I used my digital camera, laptop, and photobucket. Now I prefer to use the iPad for pictures, they're clearer. My problem is that I have no idea how to...
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    $59.00 Savinelli Pipes

    Pipes and Cigars now have Savinelli House pipes on their website. Black rusticated and enough shapes to suit everyone. I'm really giving the Author serious thought.
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    Counting my blessings . . .

    I've been gone for awhile, my wife took a bad fall and had a severe concussion. After 3 weeks of bed rest in a quiet, dark room, she progressed to the couch and was allowed 2 hours of "visual stimulation" a day. She is now allowed up, and the headaches are fewer. It's going to be a couple...
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    My Four Moods . . .

    Everyone that knows me tells me that the only time I'm relaxed is when I have a pipe in my hand. The following describes how I am at work where they won't allow an ad for tobacco on the property, let alone tobacco. My 4 Moods: I'm too old for this shit I'm too tired for this shit I'm too...
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    Podcasts . . .

    I'll admit it - I haven't taken the time outside of work, to keep updated on modern technology (Hell, my cell phone is 12 years old) so listening to the Pipesmag podcasts was just wishful thinking. Then, my wife bought an iPad 3rd gen. Next thing I know, I have Boeing 737 flight simulators and...
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    Annoyed at Peterson

    I've been waiting patiently for Peterson to release it's limited summertime blend ~ when they finally get around to it, summer will be over! Can anyone tell me why Peterson is so late with it's limited blends? I'm going to skip to the Christmas blend this year, and forget the summer one.
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    For PMon

    Bradley, I saw this and thought of PMon!
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    Rough Morning . . .

    This morning the Enumclaw plateau was hit with a terrible rain storm with thunder and lightening. The rain was comparable to a Hawaiian monsoon, and the lightening was hitting within a mile of our house. There was absolutely no wind. Normally I'd just say it was a bad storm, and the rain was...