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  1. iamn8

    Best Blend For My Departure

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I've spent on this forum. I've been around here for a couple of years, made a few thousand posts about nothing special, and have met some truly wonderful, generous, and fascinating people. I don't regret a moment of the time I've spent here. Time well spent, I...
  2. iamn8

    Designated Survivor (FOX)

    Ever sampled a snack food that you didn't like at all... but you find yourself picking at it anyways, be it from boredom or hunger? "Gah these chips are stale/gross... why am I eating this crap?" You're gonna say "nope. It's all you...", aren't you... I'm certain I'm not completely alone here...
  3. iamn8

    New Movie Starring Sam Elliot

    New movie coming out called The Hero that seems it might appeal to fellow forum members. Review Trailer
  4. iamn8

    Murder Live On Facebook

    Who didn't see this coming? Murder
  5. iamn8

    Neverending Oral Surgery

    I just needed to whine a bit. i have always taken care of my teeth, but I got a raw deal in the genetics dept. A couple weeks ago I had to have a molar removed that was horribly infected. This morning I had a root canal. Tomorrow morning I'm having two teeth extracted, two bone grafts, and two...
  6. iamn8

    You'll Float Too...

    Gotta love clowns...
  7. iamn8

    Marvel Universe by Netflix

    I just finished binge watching the series Luke Cage and in the middle of Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Luke Cage was awesome!!! VERY well done! Also watching characters wander through the other shows is pretty cool. I love that all these shows, as with Marvel movies, all function inside it's own...
  8. iamn8

    Best Tobacco For Smoking During A Tornado Event

    We here in Bama are currently under the gun of severe weather. Once your home has been reduced to rubble, what's the best severe weather blend?
  9. iamn8

    Lego vs The Skink

    Just had an exiting drama unfold that I thought you might like. ''Twas exciting! Lego v Skink
  10. iamn8

    Life Of Lego Kitten

    My kittens have finally adjusted to their new life together... mostly Lego vs The Bee Lego vs Tivo
  11. iamn8

    Maxim Magazine

    It's something very small, but I was actually surprised to see this show up on a Maxim Magazine fashion page.
  12. iamn8

    Wanna See Something Nasty? You've been warned

    Was gonna have a root canal yesterday. He took X-rays and things were bad and the tooth had abscessed. Had have the tooth extracted immediately. Under the crown, the tooth was all but gone. I'm in AGONY. I deal with chronic pain daily, but this one sucks. Here's the disgusting tooth
  13. iamn8

    Smoker's Haven, Depleted / ORDER EXOTIQUE NOW

    I just noticed that the only SH blend left in stock is Exotique. I don't really understand that since it should've been the first blend to be out-of-stock. It can't be much longer before Exotique is gone from his shelves, maybe forever? I consider it to be The Finest English available today and...
  14. iamn8


    I've been awaiting this day for awhile. Generally speaking, Friday doesn't mean much in my world, but it remains somewhat special due to nothing more than memories of the times it did. I'll be climbing into my rental one last time, driving to Tom Williams Collision Center where I shall be...
  15. iamn8

    The Collective State Of Affairs

    I was shopping online for a tobacco purchase just now. It's been quite awhile since I've done so and I was looking forward to it. I had planned on ordering a few blends I'd been meaning to try. As I shopped, my irrational mind went into overdrive. With all of the government intervention, the...
  16. iamn8

    Into The Badlands

    I am stoked for the season premier this Sunday (March 19th) of Into The Badlands. Season one was brilliant! Some of the best fighting sequences I've ever seen on television and a great storyline! It's all-around a great show! Watch season one if you haven't!
  17. iamn8

    These Are Strang Times

    Recently a fellow member had read somewhere that I loved Motzek Strang rope tobacco. As those familiar with this blend know, it seems to have gone away, not entirely extinct, but doesn't look good. There are those who blame me for this ;) Anyways, this fellow member had purchased a good bit of...
  18. iamn8

    Some People Just Suck

    On Wednesday morning I was out running errands. While leaving Walmart I saw my car and almost threw up. Someone did this to my Cayman. Obviously not an accident. Someone targeted my car and did this on purpose. I've filed a claim, but now must find a way to focus my rage since it's unlikely I'll...
  19. iamn8

    Streamlining & Organizing Your Cellar... Or Not

    I began last evening with neatly stacked shelves of tined tobacco. I've learned what my favorites are and what I do/do not like. I figured I'd place the keepers in one bin and the other bin will eventually find it's way to PipeStud. After perhaps an hour my neatly stacked shelves had devolved...