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  1. iamn8

    Best Blend For My Departure

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I've spent on this forum. I've been around here for a couple of years, made a few thousand posts about nothing special, and have met some truly wonderful, generous, and fascinating people. I don't regret a moment of the time I've spent here. Time well spent, I...
  2. iamn8

    Designated Survivor (FOX)

    I think Bonanza nailed it!
  3. iamn8

    Designated Survivor (FOX)

    Ever sampled a snack food that you didn't like at all... but you find yourself picking at it anyways, be it from boredom or hunger? "Gah these chips are stale/gross... why am I eating this crap?" You're gonna say "nope. It's all you...", aren't you... I'm certain I'm not completely alone here...
  4. iamn8

    Ever Drawn Blood Whilst Packing A Bowl?

    What a bunch of pricks.
  5. iamn8

    Ever Drawn Blood Whilst Packing A Bowl?

    Thanks Jay!! I posted a thread awhile back asking for recommendations for the absolute sweetest blend. I haven't tried it yet, but remember Dark Star being mentioned a few times, but not Blackwood. How'd you rate both on a sweetness scale?
  6. iamn8

    Obligatory Non-Political Thread

    If keyboards were capable of transmitting such a thing, the online sex community would've gotten there first.
  7. iamn8

    Good News. I found my birth year Dunhill!

    I'll bet it goes for under $500.
  8. iamn8

    Ever Drawn Blood Whilst Packing A Bowl?

    The important thing here is... was it? Worth the pain?
  9. iamn8

    Tobacco in England

    Based upon my experience here, if there's a tobacco everyone seems to love, the cool thing to do is hate it based on principal. I thereby suggest that only a jackas would ever buy condor. I'll follow that up by saying I like condor, but also don't think highly of my opinions/tastes.
  10. iamn8

    Obligatory Non-Political Thread

    I find these obligatory non political threads highly offensive and unnecessary.
  11. iamn8

    Tobacco first love

    Unfortunately, these times have as much to do with circumstances as the smoke. This means it'll never be repeatable. This is sad.
  12. iamn8

    Tinder Box Memories

    The Tinderbox here in Birmingham was in the BrookWood Mall and eventually became the Briary.... of memory serves... and it rarely does.
  13. iamn8

    Advice on tobaccos that don't need to age

    All tobacco haveto age. There are some laws of the universe which can't be broken.
  14. iamn8

    Higher End Savinelli's VS Artisan Pipe Maker

    In my opinion, pipes are pieces of art. They all serve the same purpose. Just buy what you like. What one guy loves another guy wouldn't ever buy. It's truly in the eye of the beholder. Period.
  15. iamn8

    Tobacco first love

    I've not been smoking a pipe for often either. I liked tobacco, but hadn't found a love. A fellow forum member sent me a sealed 8oz bag of Penzance from 2001. The first hit of was a revelation. It has thick, creamy perfect smoke. The combination of this extreme random act of kindness combined...
  16. iamn8

    Shelf life of an open tin

    Cos, I've never tried that before. How do we get your condensated breath? Or will anyone's do?
  17. iamn8

    Shelf life of an open tin

    It's such a signature and unique to the brand. Interesting. I love 2015. Before even trying it I bought a couple pounds. I'm glad I did.
  18. iamn8

    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake...awesome

    It's a much beloved tobacco and highly regarded by all. It always falls into the top ten of all va/per lovers. At the price you can't beat it.
  19. iamn8

    I’m Afraid The Critters Family Is Moving In

    The services of my Savannah kitten Lego are for hire. She gets $1.25/hr plus treats. She's a union kitten.
  20. iamn8

    Does a Bear Smoke a Pipe in the Woods?

    Yes, but silently.