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  1. dlattim

    Tinderbox Blend No. 1

    I was gifted a couple of ounces of this blend by my boss who says he's smoked nothing else for ten years. I was doubtful at first. The aroma from the bag was rather dull and uninviting. However, I dutifully loaded up a bowl after work Thursday evening. At first I wasn't sure, but by about 1/3 of...
  2. dlattim

    Rest in Peace George Jones

    One of my favorite of the old timers. He stopped loving her today. Just want to pay a short tribute to one of the greats.
  3. dlattim

    Just Won Hilson Viva

    I have just won this Hilson Viva. I'm thinking it is an older one but I'm not sure. I bought it because I like the looks and my research tells me Hilson's are good smokers. The bid price was right. Got it for $22.45 including shipping. The Ebay listing is here with more pics. Anybody have any...
  4. dlattim

    Escudo and 1Q

    Thought I'd throw this out there. This morning I cracked my first ever tin of Escudo. I rubbed out a couple of coins and had one of the most enjoyable smokes I've had in some time. The mix of Virginias and Perique seemed perfect to me with just the right amount of nicotine. Well, I love 1Q also...
  5. dlattim

    Upside Down Stem

    I've noticed that all too frequently sellers on Ebay picture their pipes with the stem mounted upside down. This seems very strange. Are the sellers just too ignorant about pipes to know what they are doing, or is there some reason they do this? It would seem obvious that many of these (if not...
  6. dlattim

    Got It, 1957 Birth Year Dunhill

    Good Christmas Eve Morning to all! I snagged my birth year Dunhill last night on Ebay. Since my divorce last year I have no one to buy me a Christmas present, so it's my Christmas present to myself. I do believe I deserve it after one hellatious and miserable year that included a divorce, loss...
  7. dlattim

    Black Duck

    Anyone else ever try Cornell & Diehl Black Duck. It's a mixture of unsweetened brown and black cavendish, with orientals and latakia. To me it is very similar to Black House, but I think I prefer it over Black House. Tin aroma is that of campfire smoke. The latakia is very present in the smoke...
  8. dlattim

    Check Out My New Stanwell Estate Pipe

    Hey guys, just lit up the Stanwell estate I got on Ebay. I got lucky again. This pipe is like new. It is marked with the older style Stanwell where the beginning and end of the name are wide and the middle is narrow. Also marked "Design Choice" next to "835". Smoking it right now with Blue Note...
  9. dlattim

    Estate Stanwell from Ebay

    Hello everyone, I just picked up this pipe on Ebay. It is stamped Stanwell, Military 1969. Has the crowned "S" on the stem. I'm pretty sure the "1969" doesn't mean that is when it was made, but does anyone know for sure. I can't wait to get it. I love the shape. I couldn't find anything about it...
  10. dlattim

    Micro Mesh on Acrylic

    I plan on spending some time working on my pipes over the holiday weekend. I have searched and searched for an answer to this but can't find it. Will the micro mesh sheets be too much for acrylic stems. I have some that have some light scratching and teeth marks and am thinking of using the...
  11. dlattim

    Just tried SG Brown No. 4 first time

    I just tried SG Brown No. 4 for the first time. I had been a bit cautious with all the warnings about vitamin N. However, lately I have been experimenting with some nasal snuff and have enjoyed the nic hit in the morning. So I decided to up the anty and order some twist tobacco. I normally like...
  12. dlattim

    Received my estate Savinelli

    I have received the estate Savinelli Punto Oro I ordered from Ebay. Had my first couple of smokes in it today. It really smokes great. I can't detect any fills or any type of flaw. The bit is really thin and I like that a lot. Very comfortable. I tried out my first taste of Dan's Blue Note in it...
  13. dlattim

    Forum Question

    Can someone tell me how to make my avatar (picture) show up on my postings? I've uploaded the picture, but it doesn't show up in my posts. I just see the gray default of nobody. Hope this is the right place for this, have looked everywhere.
  14. dlattim

    Estate Savenelli I picked up on Ebay

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the forum and have been enjoying all the good information. I picked up a Savinelli estate pipe on Ebay and would like your opinion. I might have gotten caught up in the auction excitement and paid to much. Okay, I paid $65 for it. What do you think. The seller...