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  1. deathandtaxes

    When is the last time you actually "Won" something off of Ebay?

    I've been known to lurk on the bay looking for that diamond in the rough, or some treasure that has been overlooked for some reason from time to time. Generally I check out all of the pipes that meet my criteria that are closing in the next 24 hours, or checking the freshly posted "Buy it Now"...
  2. deathandtaxes

    Columbus Ohio pipe shop recommendations

    Greetings all, I just found out that I have to travel to Columbus on business tomorrow. Are there any must stop pipe stores in the Columbus area? :puffpipe:
  3. deathandtaxes

    Christmas Pipe recomendations

    I'm looking to get a 2014 Christmas pipe. Christmas of 2014 was a special one as it was the time that my daughter was born. I've never been much into holiday pipes, so I'm not sure who all makes them. So far I'm aware that Peterson, Caminetto, and Savinelli all make Christmas pipes. Are there...
  4. deathandtaxes

    This is why I stay away from B&M Pipe stores!

    So I finally tracked down some McClelland 2014 Christmas Cheer, my daughter was born two days before Christmas 2014 so I bought this tin to hold on to, and I made the mistake of asking if they had any estate pipes. Well they did, and now they have two less. I did however get to knock a pipe off...
  5. deathandtaxes

    Just Moved

    Greetings all! I've been absent on the forums for about a year now as I made a career move which encompassed some extensive training, but these are the sacrifices we make for our Dream Job! So, I just moved to Indianapolis and was curious if we have any members in the area that may be able to...
  6. deathandtaxes

    Little Rock Arkansas and Surrounding Area pipe smokers

    I currently reside in Little Rock AR and am interested in meeting with fellow pipe smokers to conversate and share tobacco and pipe experiences. I've done quite a bit of searching and have not been able to locate a "Pipe Club" in this area. Are there any forum members that are in the Central AR...
  7. deathandtaxes

    The Game is Afoot!

    Ok folks, break out the Sherlock Holmes pipe, magnifying glass, and Deerstalker! This was this the first pipe that I ever bought back in 2010. It was purchased from here is the original listing; So...
  8. deathandtaxes

    Cube cutting Escudo

    After reading a post earlier today I decided to "cube cut" the tobacco for my afternoon pipe. In the past I have always just grabbed a flake of the tobacco that I wanted to smoke and did what I can best describe as a rub out, fold and stuff hybrid method of loading my pipe. It has always worked...
  9. deathandtaxes

    Question: Molto Dolce?

    I generally don't smoke aromatics, however I've seen Molto Dolce mentioned numerous times while reading here in the forums. I regularly smoke Virginias and VaPers such as Orlik Golden Sliced, SG Full Virginia Flake, SG Golden Glow, SG Saint James Flake, and Escudo. I recently purchased a tin of...
  10. deathandtaxes

    Another Piper to the Fold

    While away on a business trip earlier this week I was outside the building smoking my pipe when one of the guards struck up a conversation with me. He was a cigar smoker but was genuinely interested in pipes. I went over all of the pros and cons (PAD & TAD) that I had experienced with pipe...
  11. deathandtaxes

    Stanwell Featherweight

    Anyone have any experience with the Stanwell Featherweight? Just got this one in the mail.
  12. deathandtaxes

    Has Anyone Ever Smoked a Big Ben Pipo?

    OK, so during my latest episode of P.A.D. I picked up a Big Ben Pipo. I was deep into the pipe buying (see my related post "Worst case of P.A.D, for me to date") and wasn't even paying attention to the measurement given by the seller. I just thought to myself, "Well that's a cool looking horn...
  13. deathandtaxes

    Worst case of P.A.D. for me to date.

    I've spent over $170 today, which brings my weekly total up to about $225. I have to stop! It started off slowly, "Well that's a great deal, only $27 I can swing that". Then it developed a little further "$40, what a steal!". It then got out of control. "Karl Erik Handmade? I MUST HAVE IT!" I'm...
  14. deathandtaxes

    Advice On a Pre Republic Peterson

    Hello all. I'm currently bidding on the following item. Should I be concerned with the inner bowl condition? I can't tell whether that is cake that is missing from the inside of the...
  15. deathandtaxes

    Pipe and Tobacco App for Android.

    Hello everyone, first time poster, long time troller of the site. I know there is an app for iPhones that helps us with our hobby, but what about Android users? I've looked and have not been able to find one. If there is not one available, I would be willing to try and create one. Anyone have...