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  1. ltstone

    1776 Country Store , Vermont Maple

    Just wondering if anybody has tried 1776's Country Store or their Vermont Maple. both have cigar leaf and sound interesting.
  2. ltstone

    My Second Homemade Pipe

    Using a rejected briar block i attempted to make a tomato out of a lemon :)
  3. ltstone

    My First Pipe

    Here is a quick pic of my first pipe. Still a bit to do though.
  4. ltstone

    Seasoning New Pipes

    Just wondering if its common for a new pipe to cause a little tongue bite and be a bit flavorless until smoked awhile?
  5. ltstone

    Sutliff Aged Maduro Cavendish

    I was wondering if this tobacco was actually made with Maduro Cigar leaf?
  6. ltstone

    The Intro-Hale

    Even more effective than the retrohale, i find myself using the introhale( letting the smoke escape my mouth and waft into my nose). Anyone else do this and find it effective?
  7. ltstone

    Pipe Bits And Taste

    Do any of you find that certain types of bits (new,used, acrylic, plastic, shape) can drastically effect taste for you? If so can you give your experiences?
  8. ltstone


    I noticed during my winter cold I lost a bit of taste with my tobacco obviously because of a congested nose. But that gave me man idea.. Has anyone used a Neti-Pot to cleanse their sinuses? My theory is not only would be be beneficial to cleanse your nose from the retrohale smoke but may also...
  9. ltstone

    SG Ropes Sealed in Boxes?

    Hi guys. I just bought 250g SG Brown #4 and the packaging is just a sealed box with the rope in a Ziplock bag. Just wondering what the shelf life and ageing process would be that way? Either way the rope was great out of the box and has just a little plume here and there, mmm yummy stuff.
  10. ltstone

    Why Are There Few Perique Aromatics?

    Just wondering why there aren't more perique based aromatics. you would think it would help with tonguebite and maybe also the natural sweetness would pair nice with the right topping. Might also give that nic hit others craze. I think a maple/perique would be a great pairing. 4noggins does...
  11. ltstone

    Have You Tried These Aged?

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried any of the following tobaccos with a decent amount of age and if so how was it? Brown or Black Irish X Autumn Evening Brown No.4 Billy Budd Habana Daydream
  12. ltstone

    Could Carter Hall be Classified as an Aromatic?

    Could Carter Hall be classified as an aromatic?
  13. ltstone

    Brown Irish X vs Best Brown #4

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between these and does either really contain cigar leaf?
  14. ltstone

    Brown Irish X vs Best Brown #4

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between these and does either really contain cigar leaf?
  15. ltstone

    Pipes Won't Stay Lit Today..

    Man is it the cold or humidity but I have had 3 bowl today, 2 cobs and one briar, with Stonehaven , 1Q and Purple Cow and non would stay lit, constant relights. Anyone ever had this happen?
  16. ltstone

    Any Comments on this St.Claude?

    Just picked this up at a local antique store (along with a Peterson system 307) it's stamped St.Claude and smokes real nice. Does anyone know much about this pipe?
  17. ltstone

    Less taste with a falcon?

    Hey guys, I just got my Falcon pipe and I am loving it. Draw is great, no tongue bite on problem tobaccos but it seems to mute the flavors noticeably compared to my usual cobs, Is this common?
  18. ltstone

    Latakia bitter burnout?

    It seems if I smoke alot of Lat bombs like Lancer Slices or Billy Bud I lose the smokey flavor and get a bitter taste. Anyone else experience this?
  19. ltstone

    Do Falcon Pipes smoke cooler?

    I just ordered a Falcon pipe with a smooth billiard bowl and was wondering if actually smokes cooler than a cob or Briar if smoked at the same cadence?
  20. ltstone

    Coffee Grinding Flakes

    Does anyone else do this? As I smoke more these days I try to avoid hot tobacco like the plague. Now lately I have been using a coffee grinder to chop up my flakes which I then dry out. I have done this with Ennerdale, Lancer Slices, and Bullseye Flake and although the tobacco burns quicker it...