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  1. shermnatman

    Daughters & Ryan: London Dock

    Daughters & Ryan: LONDON DOCK Finally, I was able to experience a so-called: Cherry Aromatic Pipe Tobacco, that actually delivered on the age-old and worm-out promise that so many other pipe tobaccos of this classification make - but fail to deliver on - except for the delivery of burning hot...
  2. shermnatman

    Sutliff: African Queen (and a short-course on diction and grammar)

    I purchased African Queen purely by accident. What I had meant to order was Sutliff's VOODOO QUEEN (a Latakia-light English imbued with Mocha), and because I was in a rush - and trying to get my order in and myself out the door at the same time - I ordered AFRICAN QUEEN by an error of mistaken...
  3. shermnatman

    Super-Value English Mixture Pouch

    With how much I ended up loving Super-Value's Bourbon Whiskey when I tried it - a total impulse purchase, purely made out of odd curiosity - I recently made the firm decision to order and try-out a pouch Super-Value's so-called: English Mixture. In short, Super-Value once again delivered another...
  4. shermnatman

    TAD Meltdown

    After trying, and being wonderfully surprised by how much I enjoyed Daughters & Ryan's Two-Timer - a very simple and straight-ahead, twice-toasted Burley mixture - at last Wednesday night's weekly smoker, I just put in an order for their full line of tinned tabaks - sans any "light" variations...
  5. shermnatman

    Hearth & Home Mid-Town: Prince Andrew

    Hearth & Home Mid-Town : Prince Andrew - I received the 14oz tub (normally retails about $30) for only $12.50 pro rata; due to being combined on a special-offer with the purchase of my regular order of the 14oz tub of Middleton's: Prince Albert (normally about $37.50), in a promotion called: "A...
  6. shermnatman

    Sunday Afternoon Sticker Shock at the Local B&M in PA

    Wow! I just returned home from picking up some Bryce Softee-Bits at my local TinderBox here in the suburban Philadelphia-area. While waiting to be rung-up, out of curiosity, I checked the pricing of some of the same tinned tabaks the store had which I had just this morning ordered from my...
  7. shermnatman

    Birthday Pipe for March 2019

    At Friday night's weekly smoker I was totally blown-away, when my buddy surprised me with a new Peterson Ashford 68 Cumberland for my birthday - a total shock! I popped the cherry on this beauty with a bowlful of C&D's Black Frigate, and simply thought about how good life can be when you have...
  8. shermnatman

    Inconsistant Tobacco or Inconsistant Tongue ?

    Ordered one ounce bulk as a sample; loved it. Three or four days later I put in larger bulk order for same tabak from the same online distributor, but for 1/2 pound (8 ounces) ; and the delivered larger supplied orders tastes decidedly different from the one ounce orders. This has happened no...
  9. shermnatman

    Dunhill DURBAR

    While I found original Dunhill's DURBAR more than acceptable. I was a bit underwhelmed by it's lack of distinctiveness; and by that I mean, I would have a hard time distinguishing it from other similar "Latkia-Light" tasting mixtures in a blind taste-test. This may be solely due to the specifics...
  10. shermnatman

    Lane Limited Ready-Rubbed (Edgeworth)

    Last Thursday,14MAR, in addition to trying Velvet for the first time, I also got to smoke my first bowl of Lane Limited's Ready-Rubbed (Edgeworth). In short, LLRR is a very mild, very straight-forward, unobtrusive, neutral and basic smoke; and so unremarkable and pedestrian, that I found myself...
  11. shermnatman

    The Black Frigate Will Be Docking Here On Tuesday 19MAR2019

    After reading so many enthusiastic posts about C&D's Black Frigate, I added it to my March order from P&C; which is due to be delivered to my home on Tuesday - 24 hours from the time of this writing. I am looking forward to experiencing my maden-voyage with this tabak, and will share my...
  12. shermnatman

    Super-Value Bourbon Whiskey Tobacco Pouch

    In my February tabak order from P&C, as an "impulse add-on", I ordered a pouch of Super-Value: Bourbon Whiskey pipe tabak. While I normally do not smoke Aromatics; however, I have been so curious about this full line of "super-value" tabaks being offered in the generic-appearing tan pouches. The...
  13. shermnatman

    Maple Syrup Coating for MM Pipe Chamber

    I picked up a new MM for my collection on Friday while hanging-out at The TinderBox and observing some Backgammon play. A great many years ago I recall hearing about Old Codgers putting a thin coating of honey inside the chambers of their pipes to break them in smoothly. I have never done this...
  14. shermnatman

    Which Tobacco You Don't Have Is At The Top Of Your "MUST TRY NEXT" Want List ?

    The next tobacco which I do not have, nor have I tried yet, which will be in my next order is: C&D: Black Frigate Now, how about you? - Sherm Natman
  15. shermnatman

    Disaster in Mixing...

    I had small amount of Presbyterian left in my stash, and I had a small amount of Prince Albert left in a pouch,so I mixed the two together as an experiment; which I called: Prince Albert Goes to Church. Seeing s how I love these two mixtures on their own, I thought perhaps mixing them together...
  16. shermnatman

    Bulk Equivalant for Tinder Box: "Philosopher" Blend ?

    While most of the Tinder Box bulk mixtures are well known by their actual LANE LTD (or other) I.D., has anyone positively figured out what Philosopher actually is and who makes it? - Sherm Natman
  17. shermnatman

    Mr Waverly's Pipe Tobacco Humidor Jar - Man From UNCLE Episode

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. episode The Never-Never Affair, guest-stars: Barbara Feldon, as UNCLE agent Mandy Stevenson; and Ceasar Romero, as the head the French branch of the evil enemy-spy organization: THRUSH. The plot revolves around the mix-up of Mr. Waverly's "very old and irreplaceable" pipe...
  18. shermnatman

    YOU: Stranded On A Deserted Island w/ 1 Pipe and 1 Mixture

    You are a passenger on an old wooden tall-masted sailing ship which is destroyed in a terrible storm while at sea. The next morning, you awaken, face-down, battered and bruised on the shore of a sandy island beach. You are going to be here for quite some time apparently - no phone, no lights, no...
  19. shermnatman

    Filter, No Filter?

    I smoke a few pipes that I use paper filters in (Medico, Grabow), and I mostly smoke Brigham pipes that use the rock maple distillator system - which is a wood tube "filter" of sorts - However, I have friend who is a fellow-piper who uses no filters whatsoever. In general, what is your...
  20. shermnatman

    Beautiful New Lids For Mason Jars Arrived Today

    I really like the smaller, flatter, wide-mouth Mason Jars for keeping my various bulk tabaks in; but, I can't stand the hand scrawled labeling. So, I contacted an artist friend who can print out the labels I need, AND, has a plotting-cutter which cuts perfect circles. Quick as a flash, the...