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  1. rolldog

    New funky single pipe holder

    The Detroit Pipe club folks took a road trip to Hill & Hill in Grosse Pointe yesterday. While there, I found this hand carved (right) foot pipe holder. Tagged at $30, I negotiated a $25 cash price. Probably still paid too much, but I love it. It fits bent and straights, big and small pipes...
  2. rolldog

    First bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Plumb Pudding

    A lot of tobaccos smell better than they taste. In the case of this blend, the opposite is true and that is a wonderful thing. So on to first impressions, first light and first bowl thoughts. First impressions were not high I must say. The smell was flat and a little disappointing. Then I...
  3. rolldog

    A Fall review of Sutliff "April Dawn"

    Recently we got together here in the metro Detroit area and a fellow member (Sparrowhawk) gifted me an open tin of Sutliff April Dawn. I like a wide variety of tobacco and a 'good cherry aromatic' hasn't been easy to find. That said as background, let's take a look under the lid, as I share my...
  4. rolldog

    My new Rick Black morta with blue stem

    The moment I saw this posted by Rick Black, I knew I had to have it. This will be my first morta pipe and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Stats: 4 3/4" long x 1 5/8" wide x 1 1/2" deep x 1 3/4" tall and weighs 1.3 oz
  5. rolldog

    Sutliff generosity

    I had contacted Sutliff on their site to see if they had a samples program. Technically they do not, but the representative that contacted me offered to send a free tin of my choice. I have wanted to try 'Taste of Summer' for a while, so that was my choice. Today I had a package on my front...
  6. rolldog

    My new Rick Black Poker

    I finally commissioned my own one of a kind pipe from an American carver, Rick Black. I wanted a poker with black, silver and red and he delivered. This is the 'almost finished' photo, it will be in the mail this Tue. RD
  7. rolldog

    McClelland Bombay Court + 6 months

    After an initial smoke from a fresh tin back in Nov., I put the rest of the Bombay Court in a jar and let it age a bit. Today was the day to open it and noted a nice vacuum seal had set in. The Latakia was more prominent than I remembered and that wasn't a bad thing. Packing my Cayuga...
  8. rolldog

    What is your 'go to' night time tobacco?

    Celebrating just over a year in the hobby, I find outside of weekends, my time to smoke most often is at night. More often than not, I find my favorite blends at night are two from Sutliff, "Maple Street" and "Molto Dolce". Being true to the spirit of 'go to' tobacco, I can only pick one that...
  9. rolldog

    Need recommendations on wall racks

    Once again I am seeking the wisdom of the forum. I would like to purchase a wall mount pipe rack, holding at least 12 pipes. If you have recommendations, please share. Pics and/or links to products would be most appreciated as well. Thanks in advance. RD
  10. rolldog

    Looking for a specific Burley recommendation

    Hello folks, Background: I am seeking the collective wisdom from fellow forum members on a recommendation for a specific type of Burley blend. I am continuing my appreciation of MM pipes and just received my "General" MM in the mail. I understand from a little research that Gen. MacArthur...
  11. rolldog

    Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs

    I put down my briars and took up two new entries into my collection today. A short straight and slightly longer bent, genuine Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs. I have been hearing about all the wonderful flavor and cool smoking that is afforded through these little pipes and thought I would find...
  12. rolldog

    The North Oakland Tobacco & Pipe Club (NOTPC), MI

    The North Oakland Tobacco & Pipe Club (NOTPC) is holding their monthly meeting, for yet another glorious evening of tobacco, pipes, and conversation. When: Thursday, January 9th, 7pm - 10pm Where: Southfield Churchill's 24545 W 12 Mile Rd., Southfield MI [Just West of Telegraph on...
  13. rolldog

    Sutliff Maple Street - First bowl

    Based on recent reviews posted here, I placed a "Merry Christmas to me" order for a few Sutliff blends, which arrived yesterday. I picked up Maple Street, Molto Dolce and Golden Age, doubling up on Maple Street, as I took a shot that I would really like that one. Which to open first? Well, the...
  14. rolldog

    Paul's Arrowhead Pipe Club Mixture

    One of the side benefits of buying a pipe at Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint, MI, is they give you a 1oz sample of one of their custom blends. I lucked out and received "Paul's Arrowhead Pipe Club Mixture". It is a light aromatic blend of Virginia, burley, with a mild sweet aroma that evokes light...
  15. rolldog

    My Cayuga Briar From Paul's Pipe of Flint, MI

    I had the day off yesterday and made my way up to Flint for my first visit to Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint. They have their own brand of briar pipes, made at the shop and locally sourced. The pipe is cured in 420F degree oil and their special 'magical cake' coating is added. It is marketed to...