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  1. chakaraka

    Stem Removal

    I agree, although at the same time, I pay attention to what those were doing who said they damaged pipes.
  2. chakaraka

    Thoughts on What to do Next? eBay Order

    It could just be taking a while to get to you. I also made a purchase on the same day from eBay and from a buyer on the east coast of Canada (my country). I still have not seen it and don't expect to for a little while yet. My tracking has not changed since it was accepted at the initial post...
  3. chakaraka

    Baccy Scale

    I have a 500g version of that scale that I got nearly a decade ago. Great scale. :-)
  4. chakaraka

    Just Another Simple But Pleasing Smoke

    hfearly, If you don't find a more worthy recipient, I would gladly pay at least the shipping to take it off your hands, if you are in Canada? I don't have much in the way of a cellar yet and have a hard time acquiring tobacco where I live without importing it. I also have one briar I am just...
  5. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    Hey at least for now I can prove which cobs are mine. Just look for the permanently etched thumb print on the stem... :rofl:
  6. chakaraka

    Coil on pipe ever seen one before?

    cleidophoros, that is an interesting pipe too. I went through all the oddballs on that site one night, neat to see some strange ideas. The one you have linked features "active" cooling though, in that the smoke travels through the coils. Bah, imagine cleaning that! :roll: Whereas the...
  7. chakaraka


    My first (and so far only) briar is a Bjarne Viking Classic Red Polished Apple. It came with pre-carb coating, no filter and no stinger. It also claims to have a vulcanite stem (but I am still too new to know for sure what vulcanite feels like vs acrylic). I did a cleaning to remove any...
  8. chakaraka

    Vacation Return to Sad News

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I really feel for you. I worry about things like this any time I am not with my dogs (kids). There really is nothing anyone can say. :cry:
  9. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    I'll have a look at that. I never thought of just one to rotate. I had planned to buy one eventually to make a cobwarden.
  10. chakaraka

    Coil on pipe ever seen one before?

    Copper cooling tube style heat sink. Looks crazy though on a pipe... They are used on computers and some other electronics in a slightly different configuration.
  11. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    Yes roth, I think if I am going to actually clean them properly, I will do so. I don't really need my stems melting and giving me any reasons not to do proper cleaning. Right now that is not in the budget, but instead of replacing stems with the original kind (when they wear out) I will likely...
  12. chakaraka

    First Bowl of My Bjarne Viking.

    My hands are about medium sized, although a little beefy (I'm a mechanic). The bowl is likely a little smallish to some of you guys. But it is 3/4" x 1-1/2". I dunno is that a ladies pipe or am I just an ogre? :rofl:
  13. chakaraka

    First Bowl of My Bjarne Viking.

    Well the Carter Hall is out on the plate drying. Agonized over several break-in recommendations. Gonna finally take the plunge and break my first briar in. I think I will put all the anal routines aside and just fill it most of the way and smoke it slow. No concoctions, no involved...
  14. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    I wish I could get Everclear here. That is what I wanted to acquire. I will have to take a trip a province over to grab some (Alberta is the only place you can get it in Canada). I settled for the 99% iso because it is pure and will not leave any water behind like the 70%. I had tried 40%...
  15. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    I have used 99% Iso to clean my cobs a couple times now. I just did a thorough shank/stem cleaning on all 3 with pipe cleaners and swabs wet with Iso. They came out very clean, but they "fog" the interior of the amber stems and actually begin to dissolve the outside of the stem if you get it...
  16. chakaraka

    Please Don't Hate Me

    I kind of dove off the deep end making Black House the first balkan that I tried. It was a little overwhelming to me at first, but I find myself reaching for it quite regularly and feel it is really beginning to grow on me. I do get that a lot of tobaccos are love/hate, but this one has been a...
  17. chakaraka

    First Bowl of My Bjarne Viking.

    Well I was doing a pre-smoke clean to get rid of any excess stain and just generally make sure that my alcohol soaked pipe cleaners were coming out stain free. Well I did get quite a bit of stain out of the shank/tenon area. In the process some excess alcohol dripped down into the bowl. I was...
  18. chakaraka

    The Ohin3 Art Show. This is What I do Most While Smoking.

    I too just discovered this from the "What Does Everyone Like to do While Smoking" thread. Cool stuff! I gotta ask now, are you a big Escher fan? I am and I feel some Escher in a lot of these. Keep 'em coming. :clap:
  19. chakaraka

    I Now Have a Good Rotation.

    eibhir, check your PM. :wink: