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  1. condorlover1

    Plug And Rope That Are Not Elusive?

    That summarizes JK very well!
  2. condorlover1

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    Joined at the hip?
  3. condorlover1


    Now that Gentlemen makes all the other craziness pale into insignificance! Count you damn blessings and lets all move on and thank our particular God that we are not afflicted with such health issues! Thank you cigrmaster for putting everything into perspective!
  4. condorlover1

    Clay on the Thames

    If you dug over any reasonable sized Victorian rubbish dump you can find hundreds of broken clay pipe bowls, I believe that the Thames just throws up tons of clay pipes, many unbroken.
  5. condorlover1


    Don't know about that but I'll report back to the group later - its normally pretty good stuff. I find a lot of 'shine' tastes like Zippo fluid but his stuff seems to be a lot smoother. I suppose it is really Jack Daniels without the barrel aging. I was in Bern's Steak House last Sunday and I...
  6. condorlover1


    It's all beyond my little mind. I am going hang out with my neighbor Odd Ball and drink some his late batch, aged moonshine, I think it was made last Wednesday.
  7. condorlover1


    As the 'Boss Man' said Brobs is on holiday until October 10th. It's not like he was sent to sensitivity training or worst still the corn field. Apparently he got into a spat with a chap who either cuts your nails or straightens your back out, the later I happened to use. My fellow is a devotee...
  8. condorlover1


    Whatever he could steal from Gandalf's pocket?
  9. condorlover1


    @brian64 When was 2019?
  10. condorlover1


    Goodness gracious! I go back to Florida, cannot enjoy my pipe due to the humidity and all hell breaks loose. The loss of a member is never good and I am sure they're are valid arguments on both sides. To live in an ordered and civil society there has to be parameters. There is too much madness...
  11. condorlover1

    Trevor Barton Collection of Pipes up for Auction Sept. 2020

    Must take a look to see if he has any 'cutty' pipes
  12. condorlover1

    A Neighbor Gave Me His BBB Pipe

    Thats nice with good clear stamps! You got very lucky my friend.
  13. condorlover1

    Anyone Remember Spectre?

    'You expect me to talk Goldfinger?' 'No Mr. Bond. I expect you to smoke'.
  14. condorlover1

    What Constitiutes 'All Natural' Pipe Tobacco?

    Sounds like a line from Star Trek.........'It's tobacco Jim but not as we know it!'. rotf
  15. condorlover1

    What Constitiutes 'All Natural' Pipe Tobacco?

    Something you grew in your garden and then sort of cured in the airing cupboard and when smoked people ask what has caught on fire!
  16. condorlover1

    Estate Surrey Pipe - What Is This Metal Piece Attached to the Tenon?

    They have been around for ever. I came across a Victorian version glued into an amber stem in the form of a duck quill. I suppose that was the 1890s version of the Dunhill Inner Tube. For along as there have been pipes people have been trying out weird things to improve the smoking experience!
  17. condorlover1

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    Another day nearer to retirement.I've been at my desk since 5.30 AM working away and getting nowhere! After multiple cups of Expresso and Black Twist I think its time for a cup of French Press Coffee, a bowl of Warrior Plug in this rather fun mini 'cutty' pipe. I have a few of these and they...
  18. condorlover1

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    Finished the toils for the day. I think I will kick back with a bowl of Black Irish Twist before dinner. Its Tuesday so its vegetable curry night so I think it will pair nicely with a glass of French red. Should be a fun evening!
  19. condorlover1

    What are You Reading Now?

    This one is quite a good read.....
  20. condorlover1

    Super Cheap American Eagle Bourbon + Others For Those In The UK..

    @lawdawg Bourbon is a mine field and you are the first person I have come across who 'gets it' regarding the Lincoln Country Process and charcoal filtering. I am rather partial Buffalo Trace and Wild Rose and I am surprised there is much of a following in the U.K for American whiskey.