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  1. sean81

    Preventing Cake in a Cob

    I just finished reading the article on Cobs that Russ Ouellett posted to this sites Home Page (you can read it here: Function over Form). In this article he mentions not letting cake build up in his cobs. I pose the following questions to all of the cob smokers out there: 1) Do you let the...
  2. sean81

    Kiribi Pipe Lighters...A Discussion.

    For some time now, I have been looking at the Kiribi Pipe Lighters, specifically the Kiribi Kaubto. Now, let me start by saying, that I currently use a simple Zippo pipe lighter and I have never had any issues with it. In fact, quite the opposite. It works great, lights my pipe, and doesn't...
  3. sean81

    Sutliff Darkest Caramel

    When I purchased my IPSD TAD (from P&C), I included in my order 2 oz. of Sutliff Darkest Caramel. I've really enjoyed this tobac, but today, I went back to P&C to place an order for some more of it and it is no longer gone. Does anybody know if this is only a seasonal blend from Sutliff?
  4. sean81

    Complete (But Not Fully Stocked) Tobacco Cellar and Bar

    Here are the pictures of my newly complete Tobacco Cellar and Bar. Plenty of room to stock up on the best baccy and whiskey! Full Picture: Close up of my pipe collection and a few of my favorite whiskeys:
  5. sean81

    International Pipe Smoking Day TAD

    Ok, here is my official TAD for IPSD... Lane 1-Q Sutliff Dark Honey Berry Snow Drift (Russ' Monthly Blend) Cherry Cordial (Russ' Monthly Blend) Sutliff Creme Brulee Sutliff Honey Sutliff Strawberry Delight Sutliff Hazelnut I am looking for some suggestions for an English style blend to...
  6. sean81

    International Pipe Smoking Day

    I believe that International Pipe Smoking Day is a week from tomorrow (making it Thursday Feb. 20th, but someone double check just in case). Any ides what you will be smoking in Celebration of this 'holiday'? I'm thinking my Frog Morton Celler...
  7. sean81

    Milan Tobacconists - Any thoughts on this company?

    I have been looking far and wide to find a churchwarden to add to my growing collection. I have found several very nice looking Nording Churchwardens on Milan Tobacconists website. I was wondering if any of you have ever ordered from them. Are they a good trustworthy company? Their prices...
  8. sean81

    British Butner Style Tool/Reamer

    I was curious about the British Butner Sytle Pipe Tool ( I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and just when one would need to use one. Thanks!