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  1. daimyo

    Fruit Cake Inquiry

    First and foremost, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to you all. I have been busy with life, work and some new projects. So much so that I have avoided too much pipe related temptation and stayed away for my own sake. I've been smoking a lot of GQ tobacco Christmas blend of...
  2. daimyo

    Some Welcome Lighthearted News

    A while ago I was discussing how I felt the pipe was the best and safest way to enjoy the tobacco plant and one of their friends whom I do not know entered the discussion. She complained that her husband was a heavy smoker and trying to quite but was quite a bear about it. Apparently he had...
  3. daimyo

    Life With a Piping Wife

    Since my wife started smoking a pipe with me, I've had to secure for her the tools of the trade. A robin egg blue Falcon and a custom rose meer by Tekin. She has settled into black Cavendish but sometimes enjoys a mild to medium English and on occasion some Bald Headed Teacher. It has been a...
  4. daimyo

    John Donohoe's Death Commemorative Pipes?

    Curious if anyone is aware of or has any information on the pipes described here? " On the afternoon of 1 September 1830 John Donohoe was shot dead by the soldier John Muckleston following a shootout between bushrangers and troops at Bringelly, New South Wales. The Sydney Gazette on behalf of...
  5. daimyo

    GQ Tobacco

    After too long procrastinating, I finally got my hand on some GQ Tobacco blends from Glynn and I thought I would share my thoughts. I am still burning through the samples but have had enough bowl of each to at least weigh in. In general the blends had interesting pouch notes, be a nice shaggish...
  6. daimyo

    Shinola From...

    I was wondering if any of you folks have handled or perhaps own a Shinola watch? I have been watching this company since they started manufacturing in Detroit I would love to support American made and enjoy their clean aesthetic but would love to hear some input before making such a commitment.
  7. daimyo

    New Cosmic Tampers

    When cosmicfolklore posted his latest tampers, the one I liked best sold quickly. This got me itching for one and since the wife recently started piping, I figured why not get us each one. Michael was great to work with and they both came out better than imagined. I got them on Monday and was...
  8. daimyo

    Has Anyone Handled This Pipe Bag in Person?

    I am looking for a pipe bag and besides Smoking Holsters, I was considering this Claudio Albieri but was curious about the individual pipe pockets. The leather seems thick and tough possibly being rougher on pipes than need be, while the snaps make me worry the stems would be rubbing on metal. I...
  9. daimyo

    SPC Crashing

    I think it's about time for SPC to upgrade their servers or throughput. Usually when they release an update it slows their site considerably but today it seems to have crashed.
  10. daimyo

    Marital Bliss

    Sex after ten years of marriage... should the wife know about it? Seriously though, I have had a break though. This weekend at the bar I was puffing with two fellows I met who also were smoking pipes and my wife says "hand me your pipe." So I hand her my Cavicchi, packed with Balkan Sasieni and...
  11. daimyo

    Gold Block Ad

    I'm not sure if this one has been shared or not but it gave me a good chuckle.
  12. daimyo

    Lightly Topping a Pipe

    I have an estate on the way with a bit of rim darkening. It has rusticated sides but a smooth domed rim. I am curious how technical and difficult it would be to sand down the darkened area and re-stain the rim? If I receive it and it seems too daunting, who is the top person for such work? Thank...
  13. daimyo

    GQ Tobacco Taking Preorders for Dunhill Baby's Bottom

    BB1938 as they are now calling it. I hope this means that American retailers are expecting shipment as well. Can anyone chime in on the original?
  14. daimyo

    Chicago Pipe Show Help Needed.

    I was hoping I might bother one of you headed to the Chicago show with a simple but important favor? I am trying to get a pipe into the hands of a Carver showing there and it would save both the Carver and I some trouble and money. I would be happy to compensate you for your time. Thank you and...
  15. daimyo

    Pipe Smoking Politics

    For the longest time I was a solitary pipe smoker. Even as a cigar smoker I did not participate much in any community. I read some magazines and books, I spoke with employees of stores and the occasional smoker I met but as hobbies went, I didn't feel the need for much input. In the last year...
  16. daimyo

    Don't Neglect Your Health.

    First of all, please pardon the subject matter but it's a part of life. I'm currently sitting in the doctor's office having a lump in my testicle examined. I found it a few nights ago while doing a self check. I wouldn't mind a few crossed fingers if you have any to spare. My point though is not...
  17. daimyo

    Troubling Butera Allegation

    First let me say that I have no way of verifying the veracity of the claim and in general, scuttlebutt is taken as just that. Still, when you hear something as a consumer that might concern your buying habits you tend to take notice. On another pipe related space, it was asserted that Michael...
  18. daimyo

    Is Vintage Syrian Mellow Due to Aging?

    Knowing what I know now, I am assuming that the Latakia I smoked in blends twenty years ago was Syrian Latakia. I remember it being pungent and strong which at the time, sadly, was a turn off. Now these days, I'm quite sure it would only add to my enjoyment. Regardless though, when I first tried...
  19. daimyo

    All is Right in the Cosmos (A Yenidje Highlander Not Review)

    Well, what can I say? Cosmicfolklore just has good taste. Why, you ask? Because they agree with my own and are therefore by default... exceptional! :wink: I am only a bowl into this tin of Yenidje Highlander, which is not enough to be making declarative statements but damn, this is a good blend...
  20. daimyo

    Pelican in stock at SPC

    Hurry, 2 tin limit it looks like.