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  1. recoilrob

    FS, c. 1998 Esoterica Penzance, 8oz Tray, (8/25/20)

    I still have one of these left. A new member with 2 posts twice asked to me to hold for purchase and twice did not send funds so this is back for sale. Kept cellared in an airtight container, package is still soft. $325 shipped to US.
  2. recoilrob

    Thoughts On Special 50th Birthday Pipe.

    Some 1970's on eBay.... Uncommon shape, ask for some more pics, opening bid is high but you always make an offer... This shows you need a careful eye, seller states it's a 1960 but's a 1970. Too bad shank was cracked...
  3. recoilrob

    Thoughts On Special 50th Birthday Pipe.

    BROBS is entitled to his opinion but it seems a bit severe to say any Dunhill made after 1969 is shitty. There are plenty of knowledgeable Dunhill collectors that have post 1969 pipes in their collections. There were bad Dunhills before 1969 and excellent Dunhills after 1969, a few of which I...
  4. recoilrob

    Thoughts On Special 50th Birthday Pipe.

    Here's a couple of shitty 1970's Dunhills.... the Duke is a 1970, the Don is a 1961...
  5. recoilrob

    Thoughts On Special 50th Birthday Pipe.

    Years ago I became enamored of a birth year pipe (1955) so I started looking on eBAy. In the early days they were not as many pipes on eBAy as now (these days anyone with a deceased father/uncle sells the pipes on eBay) so it took me about a year to find a good one. Eventually as the market...
  6. recoilrob

    Wind Caps??

    Another, Rolando Negoita made the dripwax which was put on a Barling...
  7. recoilrob

    Wind Caps??

    Dunhill has done nice work with wind caps in the past. The chimney one weighs too much and isn't practical, the Sherlock, not too bad.
  8. recoilrob

    The Joys Of Not Being A Latakia Fan

    When I was smoking Latakias I found the Connoisseur Turkish Black very pleasant.
  9. recoilrob

    Anyone Have an Old Cornell & Diehl List from the Late 1990's?

    OK, a friend from the HVPC, Dave Ruth used The Wayback Machine and found this from 1999. 968A is ORIENT EXPRESS, 1/2 Odessa and 1/2 Pirate Kake, and the P is for pressed. Thanks Dave! #968 Odessa Cavendish cut burley, Turkish, Latakia and Perique. Similar to the old Balkan Sobranie White...
  10. recoilrob

    Anyone Have an Old Cornell & Diehl List from the Late 1990's?

    OK 970 is Pirate Kake, then this may have been a variation on that, perhaps a touch less Latakia. Pisses me off that I was cleaning up a few weeks back and through out and old flyer from them. Google shows the current 968 to be Odessa, a Balkan Sobranie clone, but in the back of my head the AP...
  11. recoilrob

    Anyone Have an Old Cornell & Diehl List from the Late 1990's?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob What was there mixture 968AP, was that "Pirate Kake"?
  12. recoilrob

    Famous Living Pipe Smokers

    Keith Richards lives about 15 miles away from me in CT. Some years ago I stopped into a small antique/thrift shop near us and asked if they had any old tobacco pipes. I was told Keith had purchased them the previous week, that he occasionally stopped in and asked for them. 3,2,1...
  13. recoilrob

    Ebay Estate Pipes Prices Seemed To Have Jumped

    This is a discussion from two different viewpoints, smokers and collectors. From the smoker side, some estates can make sense. Many feel older wood smokes better than newer wood, pipes from the 1950's and earlier started with older briar, newer pipes were made from younger briar. Finding an...
  14. recoilrob

    Pipe Styles Paired With Different Tobaccos?

    I've taken whole flakes, and without rubbing them out, rolled them up long ways, and stuffed them down into a long narrow bowl, like a tall cylindrical poker or "chimney". Works well...
  15. recoilrob

    Your First Pipe & Tobacco

    About 25 years ago, during the cigar craze, a friend got a rack of pipes at a garage sale, one was an old Dunhill Cherrywood poker. Some old tobacco came with it, a mild Virginia if I recall. We tried it, I liked it and the next week went out looking for a poker and couldn't find one so I bought...
  16. recoilrob

    Pipe Styles Paired With Different Tobaccos?

    Yeah, the only thing that ever seemed at all plausible to me was Virginia flake in a tall, narrow bowl.
  17. recoilrob

    Bulk McClelland's No.2?

    About 20 years ago I was helping clean up the cigar humidor at a local B&M and found a few 5lb bags of bulk tobacco. They were going to be tossed so I took them. One was MacBaren's Mixture which I liked very much and I vacuum packed into mason jars. Another was Red Cake, all gone now. The last...
  18. recoilrob

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    1997 Christmas Cheer in a 1996 Dunhill Christmas pipe, Four Calling Birds. Unfortunately the lovely tamper only fits about 1/3 down the bowl...
  19. recoilrob

    Brebbia Pipes Reputation?

    Lazarus thread, found this while researching Brebbia. Doc, I've had the exact same pipe for over 20 years, one of my favorites, I hope yours is coloring up as nice as mine....
  20. recoilrob

    Mac Baren Dating (Swisher Years)

    Might be a bit late but will post the info for future reference. I have a sealed 9oz tin of Virginia No. 1 with the Swisher label, I purchased it 20 years ago. There is a computer generated printing on the can bottom that startes with 281094 and then gives their Part of me...