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  1. monty55

    People I'm Missing

    I know I've been absent awhile, but I certainly do miss Mr Lowercase, and Peck! I know cigarmaster is all consumed with a new love... maybe someday we will see him back. Just wondering if I missed something, besides them.
  2. monty55

    Cut VS Flavor Profile And Depth

    So in my limited experience, I've come to notice, on the whole, and all things being equal, that a blend that's tinned in a flake, or broken flake, will have a bigger depth of flavors than say a small ribbon cut. For instance, as good as MM 965 is to many people, I've had very similar medium...
  3. monty55

    McClelland Biteless Burley

    Has anyone tried this in their blends? If so, is it really biteless as claimed? Thanks!
  4. monty55

    Onward And Upward

    Life throws us some interesting pitches. Been awhile since I got on here. What can I say, life got in the way! So, some on here know I was my 95 yr old Dad's primary caregiver for 8 yrs. He has Alzhimer's. Anyway about 18 mos ago one of my sisters finally stepped up and took over. Lord knows I...
  5. monty55

    My First Il Duca, and First Dublin!

    I saw this pipe at SP and I just couldn't help myself. I've been wanting a dublin with a natural finish, also been wanting an Il Duca from Max Rimensi, but wanted something unusual. I think this fit the bill pretty well. I'm pretty sure the patina will make this pipe even more beautiful as the...
  6. monty55

    Seattle Pipe Club New Tins

    I LOVE SPC blends, especially Mississippi River and Plum Pudding, but just ordered a bunch of the new Deception Pass and Potlatch as well. I have to say, from first impression, and from my point of view as someone who likes to cellar new tins for age. I am a little disappointed in their new...
  7. monty55


    As a resident of north Houston and a huge fan of the Texans I am very happy that HBO's Hard Knocks is featuring my team this fall. But, I am not excited that the team has to endure this bs. I hope all goes well. I am a huge huge HUGE J.J. Watt fan, since before they drafted him. Imo, he...
  8. monty55

    My Pipe Tunes

    I have been putting together a playlist for my favorite pipe smoking music. I spend a great amount of time on my PC (12+hrs/day) and I have a good sound system hooked up to it, so most of my music comes from that. I have found that Youtube has an enormous amount of music on it.. for free! So i...
  9. monty55

    5yr Old G.L. Pease Chelsea Morning

    I have been fortunate enough recently to acquire some aged Chelsea Morning. Several tins from 8/10 and another from 11/09 which I am saving. I smoked this out of my best Chelsea Morning pipe, my Rolando Negoita Acorn. This has become my favorite tobacco, and I really wanted to try some aged...
  10. monty55

    That Treasure We Seek

    I just wanted to share a little new tobacco happening for me. You know that something special we hope to find when we open a tin of never tried tobacco? Or better yet, how about when you open a vintage tin of a tobacco you never tried before? Do you think about that treasure we forever seek? I...
  11. monty55

    Wide Mouth Shallow Bowls. Good For?

    I own 2 pipes with a wide mouth, but shallow bowl. I have smoked all kinds of cuts and blends from them. And I cannot find anything that seems to smoke better than another in these. This is not the case with most of my pipes. I usually fine a blend or cut that prefers a pipe shape. I don't smoke...
  12. monty55

    List and Pictures for Acrylic Stem Stock?

    Does anyone know of a good source to view pictures of acrylic stem stock? I have recently become attracted to clear, mottled, turtle shell type stems of the "see through" kind. I would like to view pictures of what is available to artisans, such that if and when I commission a pipe I could have...
  13. monty55

    My New Negoita!

    I haven't splurged on a pipe in over a year. But I've had my eye on this Rolando Negoita pipe for some time. And finally, I couldn't stop myself and I pulled the trigger. I received it 2 days ago and I've already smoked 4 bowls out of it. I have another Rolando that is one of my favorite pipes...
  14. monty55

    SMOKIN!! Pic Heavy

    It's that time of year my friends! Fill up your fire boxes and start smokin!! I smoked some brisky, pork ribs, lollipop chicken legs (from the wing) wrapped in bacon, and some ABT's (atomic buffalo turd's). Bon appetit! I start with a whole untrimmed brisket. I trim the fat down to a...
  15. monty55

    GLP Chelsea Morning, 2009 Tin, Tried It Recently?

    I'm real curious if anyone here has had the opportunity to open a 5yr old tin of Chelsea Morning recently. I myself only started buying it about a year ago. But it has fast become my favorite all around smoke. I have often wondered how good it's going to get over time. It was released in Oct...
  16. monty55

    St. James Perique Blenders List?

    I was curious if anyone has, or knows of a list of tobacco blends that use only St. James Parish Perique. I don't mean a 100% perique tobacco, but rather the source of the Perique constituent in the blend.
  17. monty55

    "Natural" Pipes?

    Hey Guys, I won a Brian Ruthenburg unsmoked unstained natural sandblast pipe off our friend Pipestuds auction this weekend. I wanted a larger pipe that has some quality aspects without costing a fortune. Anyway, this is my first "natural" finished pipe, and I am wondering if this needs to be...
  18. monty55

    KISS Blend

    Keep It Simple Stupid Just a stupid little simple thing I did that was pretty damn awesome.. by the bowl.. 3 pinch (75%) 2009 SPC Mississippi River, 1 pinch (25%) 2001 GLP Haddo's Delight, I don't even know how to begin to describe it... :puffy:
  19. monty55

    Help With Burning Bowl!

    I have a Churchwarden "wizard" pipe made of olive wood that my oldest daughter bought me for my birthday (bless her heart :-)). It's not necessarily my style, but since she went to the trouble of saving her money, picking it out, and purchasing it then I feel I should smoke it! I smoked two...
  20. monty55

    Avatar Change?

    I don't know where or who to asked this, but this is as close to the right place as is listed to get technical help in this forum. I changed my avatar yesterday. The new one shows up in my profile for both small and large thumbnails, but any posts I make are still using the old avatar.. what gives?