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  1. maduromadness

    Norman Rockwell Portrait Burley Blend

    Hello all!I recently picked up this blend and I can't find any info or reviews on it. It seems fairly new and was just wondering if anyone else has tried it and what their thoughts might be. I'm not really a burley smoker but it's pretty good to me. Wonderful tin aroma and I get some cocoa and...
  2. maduromadness

    FDA Premium Cigar Comment Period Officially Begins

    The FDA is accepting comments regarding it's role in defining and making exemption for premium cigars in the proposal to further regulate tobacco products. I believe it is in our best interest to encourage and submit information as it pertains to our passion. Please comment, there is a link on...
  3. maduromadness

    GL Pease Dark Stoved

    I am a supporter of American blenders, producers, etc...I am also very sad to see a great American tobacco company close it's doors(much respect). I'm aware of other great blenders across the pond, however, in my mind this unfortunate event leaves only two "houses" state side. It would be...
  4. maduromadness

    Dunhill Flake Round Tin

    As the tittle suggests I received a recent order of Dunhill Flake and it was in round tins. When did they start doing this? Has it been that long?
  5. maduromadness

    Southern California(Glendora) Pipe Smokers

    Hello, I am interested to see if any forum members live in this area in an attempt to facilitate a pipe club meeting. Please reply to the post if interested or within proximity of the city of Glendora. Thank you
  6. maduromadness

    After smoke maintanace

    So after smoking my pipes i make it a point to clean the rim of my bowls with a q-tip and saliva as to not accumulate excess tar (not so attractive) but I have an Ashton bent billard xxx with pebble grain that holds some tar in the crevices and when i clean it i notice a little bit of the color...
  7. maduromadness

    W.O. Larsen Packaging

    So I've recently aquired Larsen's perfection, signature, and 2013 blends and I cant tell definetively whether ther're in airtight packaging or not. I have a some Peterson seasonal blends which I've read about not being vaccum sealed and or in an airtight celophane. Just need to know if they are...